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High Precision Positioning Stage Control for Semiconductor Manufacturing    

System and methods to provide high precision stage positioning for semiconductor manufacturing.


System and method to provide a high precision positioning stage for semiconductor manufacturing. The apparatus uses multi-axis interferometer system with independent, single axis interferometers, real-time compensation of mechanical position error in pattern generation or imaging applications, thermal conditioning plate with gas gap leak, method for reducing and correcting for heat induced distortions during lithography process, and vacuum compatible linear motion device.

Primary Application of the Technology

Lithography for semiconductor manufacturing

Other Potential Applications

Precise positioning of stage for MEMS, Nano-technology related processes

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Class 384: Bearings

Bearings, designed for general use, where one element continuously bears the weight of another, either suspended, or imposed, and wherein there is either linear motion, rotary motion, or oscillating movement, between the two elements. The bearings may have either sliding, or rolling contact with the supported member. The class includes (a) supports for bearings; (b) antifriction means; and (c) lubricating devices.

Subclass 54: Resilient member

Class 356: Optics: Measuring And Testing

Methods and apparatus (1) for analyzing light to measure or test its characteristics, such as intensity, color and polarization; (2) for determining the optical or nonoptical properties of materials or articles by noting, as by inspection, measurement, or test the effect produced by the materials or articles on light associated therewith; and (3) for measuring the dimensions of structures or the spatial relationships such as distances or angle bearings of spaced points by comparison of the respective properties (usually direction or spatial position) of the light from these points or by comparison of the properties of these lights with some scale or standard. The light analyzing includes or is for spectroscopy, interference, polarization, beam direction or pattern, focal position of a light source, shade or color, and photometers. The material or article properties determined are or involve crystal or gem examination, material strain analysis, blood analysis, optical pyrometers, egg candling, cutting blade sharpness, oil testing, document verification, flatness, lens or reflector testing, refraction testing, monitoring moving webs or fabrics, light transmission or absorption, light reflection, inspection for flaws or imperfections in materials, and thread counting. The dimensioning and spatial relationship determination includes triangulation by a light beam, contour plotting, range or height finders, motion stopping, velocity or velocity/height measuring, sighting where the optical element or reticle moves with the sighted object, particle size determination, particle light scattering, electrophoresis, angle measuring or axial alignment, mensuration or configuration comparison, alignment in a lateral direction, and fiducial instruments.

Subclass 400: With light detector (e.g., photocell)
Subclass 401: With registration indicia (e.g., scale)
Subclass 498: Displacement or distance
Subclass 500: X-Y and/or Z table
Subclass 508: For orientation or alignment
Subclass 621: Occulting a projected light beam
Subclass 622: Position of detected arrangement relative to projected beam
Subclass 638: Shadow or beam blocking

Class 250: Radiant Energy

This class provides for all methods and apparatus for using, generating, controlling or detecting radiant energy, combinations including such methods or apparatus, subcombinations of same and accessories therefore not classifiable elsewhere.

Subclass 400: With means to convey or guide the target
Subclass 492.2: Irradiation of semiconductor devices

Class 310: Electrical Generator Or Motor Structure

This is the residual class for all subject matter, not elsewhere classified, relating to electrical generator or motor structure.

Subclass 328: With mechanical energy coupling means

Class 355: Photocopying

Apparatus and methods for photos: graphically copying information from an original or carrier that is not classified elsewhere, generally employing a concentrated source of light and an image receiving medium with a photosensitive emulsion surface. Various plural and composite types of copies are included such as those involving plural projected images including multicolor and duplex.

Subclass 53: Step and repeat