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Improved control over the dimensions of a patterned photo-resist    

Control over the dimensions of a patterned photo-resist to better control the critical dimensions of fabricated devices


The portfolio relates to a method of improving control over the dimensions of a patterned photo-resist, which enables better control of the critical dimensions of a photo-mask, reticle, etc. which is fabricated using the patterned photo-resist. Method includes reshaping a patterned organic photoresist surface, organic bottom anti-reflective coating for high performance mask making using optical imaging, and preparing optically imaged high performance photomasks. In addition the method of extending the stability of a photoresist during direct writing of an image upon the photoresist, and increasing the shelf life of a blank photomask substrate, and sensitized chemically amplified photoresist for use in photomask fabrication and semiconductor processing.

Primary Application of the Technology

Semiconductor photo and electro lithography

Other Potential Applications

Any other critical image lithography

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Seller want a license back of this technology

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U.S. Patent Classes & Classifications Covered in this listing:

Class 430: Radiation Imagery Chemistry: Process, Composition, Or Product Thereof

This is the generic class for: (1) Forming the likeness of an object, or an instrumented or discernible phenomenon, in a chemically defined receiver or in a receiver wherein radiation produces a chemical reaction, by use of radiation. (2) Finishing an image by chemical processing regardless how formed. (3) A radiation sensitive receiver, composition, or product disclosed solely for radiation imagery chemistry, and process of making same. (4) A nonradiation sensitive-receiver, composition, or product. (5) An imaged product by a process or employing a receiver, composition, or product.

Subclass 5: Radiation mask
Subclass 270.1: Radiation sensitive composition or product or process of making
Subclass 290: Light scattering or refractive index image formation
Subclass 296: Electron beam imaging
Subclass 311: Making electrical device
Subclass 313: With formation of resist image, and etching of substrate or material deposition
Subclass 322: Forming nonplanar surface
Subclass 330: Including heating

Class 216: Etching A Substrate: Processes

Chemical etching processes for treating articles of commerce or intermediate articles not otherwise provided for in which one of the manufacturing steps includes a chemical etching step (use of an etchant) and wherein the material treated is not completely removed.

Subclass 67: Using plasma

Class 716: Data Processing: Design And Analysis Of Circuit Or Semiconductor Mask

This class provides for electrical data processing apparatus and corresponding methods for the following subject matter: for sketching, designing, and analyzing circuit components; for planning, designing, analyzing, and devising a template used for etching circuit pattern on semiconductor wafers.

Subclass 21: Pattern exposure

Class 250: Radiant Energy

This class provides for all methods and apparatus for using, generating, controlling or detecting radiant energy, combinations including such methods or apparatus, subcombinations of same and accessories therefore not classifiable elsewhere.

Subclass 492.21: Ion bombardment
Subclass 492.22: Pattern control

Class 378: X-Ray Or Gamma Ray Systems Or Devices

This is the generic class for apparatus and corresponding processes involving the generation or use of electromagnetic radiation within the X-ray spectrum. Methods, systems, and elements with specific features characteristic of X-ray applications are classified here.

Subclass 35: Pattern mask

Class 438: Semiconductor Device Manufacturing: Process

This class provides for manufacturing a semiconductor containing a solid-state device for the following purposes: (a) conducting or modifying an electrical current, (b) storing electrical energy for subsequent discharge within a microelectronic integrated circuit, or (c) converting electromagnetic wave energy to electrical energy or electrical energy to electromagnetic energy. Also operations involving: (1) coating a substrate with a semiconductive material, or (2) coating a semiconductive substrate or substrate containing a semiconductive region. It also provides for operations involving etching a semiconductive substrate or etching a substrate containing a semiconductive region. The class provides for packaging or treatment of packaged semiconductor.

Subclass 485: Deposition utilizing plasma (e.g., glow discharge, etc.)
Subclass 513: Plasma (e.g., glow discharge, etc.)
Subclass 710: By creating electric field (e.g., plasma, glow discharge, etc.)
Subclass 717: Utilizing multilayered mask
Subclass 798: Ionized irradiation (e.g., corpuscular or plasma treatment, etc.)
Subclass 9: Plasma etching

Class 700: Data Processing: Generic Control Systems Or Specific Applications

This class is structured into two main divisions: (1)for the combination of a data processing or calculating computer apparatus (or corresponding methods for performing data processing or calculating operations) AND a device or apparatus controlled thereby, the entirety hereinafter referred to as a "control system". (2)for data processing or calculating computer apparatus (or corresponding methods for performing data processing or calculating operations) wherein the data processing or calculating computer apparatus is designed for or utilized in a particular art device, system, process, or environment, or is utilized for the solution of a particular problem in a field other than mathematics (arithmetic processing per se is classified elsewhere).

Subclass 120: Stereolithography
Subclass 121: Integrated circuit production or semiconductor fabrication