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Patents & Technology Wanted

Number of Technology Wanted listing in this topic: 28

Infringed Patent Portfolios
Licensing company looking for infringed portfolios  > view
Medical Devices
High quality infringed patents, preferably with EOU  > view
Looking for Chinese Patents
Telecommunications and other high-tech fields  > view
Medical Ultrasound Patents Wanted
Seeking patents in the areas of diagnostic sonography / ultrasonography  > view
Consumer Health Monitoring Patents
Looking for patents that monitor patients at home.  > view
Looking for Wound Diagnostic Patents
Patents that cover technology related to chronic wound care and diagnostics  > view
Dental Patents Wanted
Seeking patents related to solutions for pain free fillings   > view
Smart Car Patents
Patents covering inventions related to smart automobiles  > view
Looking to Acquire Medical Device Patents
Seeking patents in large medical device markets  > view
Seeking a Microbial Detection System
For the detection of bacteria and contaminants   > view
Seeking Mobile Healthcare Technology
We are looking for technology that uses a smart phone to monitor a patient  > view
Breath Freshening Technologies Wanted
Actively seeking novel technologies that can be used to provide long lasting clean, fresh breath.  > view
Oxygen Saturation Sensors
Seeking patents related to oxygen saturation sensing  > view
Mothering & Childcare Health & Nutrition-Related Patents Wanted
Breast pumps, infant sleep, medical and health-related electronics and systems  > view
Anesthesia & Infusion Pumps
Buying patented inventions and related technologies   > view
Mammography Patents and Technologies Wanted
Low-energy-X-rays and other diagnostic & screening tools  > view
Digital Pathology Inventions and Technologies
Image-based information environment enabled by computer technology that allows for the management of information generated from a digital slide.  > view
Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS or CDS) Patents & Technologies
Interactive decision support system (DSS) Computer Software, designed to assist physicians and other health professionals with decision making tasks.  > view
Healthcare Imaging Systems & Treatment
Seeking inventions and systems for use in medical imaging.  > view
Patient Monitoring & Home Healthcare Patents & Technologies
Seeking patented inventions & mobile applications for remote monitoring and treatment management of in-home patients  > view