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Patents & Technology Wanted

Number of Technology Wanted listing in this topic: 31

Handset/Tablet Patents
3G/4G Data, Image Processing, Display Technology & Various Technologies Deployed in Handsets  > view
Seeking Camera Lens Technology
Patents covering camera or a cell phone lens are of interest.  > view
Wi-Fi, LTE and other Standards-Essential Patents
Seeking patents covering essential wireless technologies.  > view
LTE/4G Patents Wanted
Covering Base Station and/or Handset  > view
Non-US LTE Advanced Patents
Looking to acquire LTE advanced patents for large markets outside the US  > view
Looking for Video Codec Technologies
If you have granted U.S. patents in the area of video codec contact us using the 'Tell Me More' link.  > view
Seeking Technologies for Television, Display and Set-Top-Box
Technologies that relate to the field of display for TV and other consumer electronics.  > view
Seeking Patents for Location Based Services
With the raise in mobile devices we are looking for patents relating to a customer's location.  > view
Mobile Hardware patents wanted
Looking to acquire patents that cover mobile hardware  > view
Smartphone & Tablet User Interface Patents Wanted
Large manufacturer looking to acquire patents that cover mobile handset user interface  > view
Buying mobile application patents
Large manufacturer looking to acquire patents that cover mobile applications  > view
IP PBX Patents
Buying patents in field of call routing, find me/follow me and other IP PBX technologies  > view
Touch Screen User-Interface Patents Wanted
Buying patents related to data entry, navigation and control of consumer electronics devices  > view
Consumer Electronics Patents Wanted
Searching for U.S. patents that read on TV's, computers and mobile handsets  > view
Seeking patents for mobile device chip set design
Global company seeking to acquire patents for mobile device chipsets.  > view
Wireless Communications Technologies for Automotive Applications
We are looking to acquire patents and technologies related to in-automobile communications  > view
Seeking WiMAX Patents
We are looking to buy patents in the area of 802.16 -broadband wireless communication standard (Wimax, MIMO, LTE etc.)   > view