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Patents & Technology Wanted

Number of Technology Wanted listing in this topic: 9

Middleware and Databases
Middleware software, with a focus on enterprise-focused solutions, and database technologies. Related technologies: CRM, ERP  > view
Enterprise IT Software Functionality
Seeking patents related to chatbots; performance analytics, reporting, alarms, and tailoring; time series analysis and reporting, among other areas  > view
Seeking Middleware and Database Technologies
We are looking for enterprise focused solutions and database patented technologies.  > view
Seeking Patents for Location Based Services
With the raise in mobile devices we are looking for patents relating to a customer's location.  > view
Acquiring Profitable Businesses in Saas & Related Fields
Roll-up business model requires us to acquire established business units with recurring revenues.  > view
Digital/Electronic Contracting Patents
Looking to buy patents relating to the formation and communication of online contracts.  > view
Buying Email & CRM Patents
We are shopping for all forms of email and CRM patents   > view
Patents Wanted -- Database Applications
Buying US patents related to CRM, ERP and various database applications.  > view
Acquiring eCommerce Patents
Significant budget to acquire patents and portfolios in all areas of ecommerce  > view