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Patents & Technology Wanted

Number of Technology Wanted listing in this topic: 13

Software Applications
High quality infringed patents, preferably with EOU  > view
Email storage, compression and synchronization. Related technologies: Office suite mail clients, cloud based email, group messaging  > view
Social Networking Patents
Buying patents related to connecting individuals, enabling them to share and publish multimedia content.  > view
Wireless Technologies
Seeking patents for various wireless technologies covering WLAN, WPAN and wireless HDTV  > view
Wireless Wide Area Network and 3G/4G Systems
Seeking patents related to WWAN and 3G/4g technologies  > view
Healthcare Imaging Systems & Treatment
Seeking inventions and systems for use in medical imaging.  > view
Patient Monitoring & Home Healthcare Patents & Technologies
Seeking patented inventions & mobile applications for remote monitoring and treatment management of in-home patients  > view
Unified Messaging Patents and Technologies
Buying patents, technologies and businesses in the unified messaging space.  > view
Buying Email & CRM Patents
We are shopping for all forms of email and CRM patents   > view
IP PBX Patents
Buying patents in field of call routing, find me/follow me and other IP PBX technologies  > view
Seeking Voicemail Patents
Voicemail over Internet patents sought  > view
3G & 4G Cellular Wireless Patents Wanted
We are actively acquiring US patents related to 3G and 4G cellular wireless technologies  > view
Looking to acquire Short Message Service (SMS) patents
Seeking patents related to various aspects of SMS (Text) Messaging  > view