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Microplate comprising a continuous Peripheral Channel
Microplate design that improves the reliability and functionality of laboratory microplates by preventing the evaporation of biological reagents from peripheral wells microplates  > view
Fusion Energy Patent Portfolio for Sale
The US and all International patents issued or pending are included in this sale  > view
Water Soluble and Dissolvable Tape or Blanket Filled with Paint Remover
The tape is made from PVOH, A water soluble film (much the same as the soluble plastic you find on a dishwasher soap ...  > view
Sewer - The Last Unmetered Utility
Innovative wastewater flow meter allows long term metering and billing for sewer utility services.  > view
High Performance Screw & Screw Bit
The technology uses 28-44% less force compared to the Phillips head, and the tool bit does not slip out during high resistance to ...  > view
Retractable Load Support System
The System is designed to support a load during transport on a flat bed trailer. It is engineered to allow merchandise to be ...  > view
Linear Motor Technology and Products
Linear motor design and manufacturing technology including magnetic tracks  > view
Temperature Control System Used for Adhesion Performance
This system can control temperatures from -25 degrees celsius to 80 degrees celsius in room temperature conditions  > view