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Personal Security, IoT, Biometrics, Wearable, Heart Rate, Work Security
An activation method of an alarm for risk of aggression, robbery, risk for life to a user and a device implementing such a ...  > view
Remote power state detector
A system for remotely indicating a power state (ON-OFF) of a home or business appliances. This system is easily configurable and flexible tool ...  > view
Secure Storage, Retrieval and Authorization of Biometric Information.
A secure biometric based identification and authorization system for a collected physical biometric for a security infrastructure.  > view
Driver Alertness Monitoring
A visual system for detecting alertness and vigilance of persons under conditions of fatigue, lack of sleep, alcohol and drugs.  > view
Smart Cities - Internet of Things Patent for Sale
Solutions for facilitating exchange of items in a network.  > view
Fireproof Covers for Homes & Life-saving Fire-resistant Tents for Firemen
Fireproof house covers as protection from wildfires & extensible, connectable fireproof tents for firemen fighting wildfires and chemical/other fires on industrial sites & bullet ...  > view
End-to-End Video Verification
Verification of live or recorded video transmission using per-frame luminance pattern of the surveyed scene vs. monitor.  > view
Continuously Adjustable, Constant Flow, Rotary Valve System and Device For a Remote Fire Defense System
This is a constant flow valve, directing liquid to an application or returning to the reservoir. A very simple design, capable of handling ...  > view
Position Change Sensing Anti-Theft Device
The invention is related to position change detection techniques, especially suitable for theft prevention of valuable items.  > view
Device for Shutting Off Power Supply to Electrical Equipment in Flammable/Explosive Places - Coal Mine
A signal is sent out to a safety and monitoring unit to cut off the power supply and provide an alarm before screwing ...  > view
Home Security System with Integrated Cellular & Video Technology
Portfolio discloses an improved home security system with an early priority date and extended intellectual property rights duration.  > view
New Fire Fighting Technology for Storage Tanks
The technology prevents air pollution, protects the stored material, and saves the storage tank against heat.  > view
Security Alarm System with FAC Signal Controller
Resolves false alarm and provides a reliable true signal for security system   > view
Security System Activated BEFORE Burglary
Autonomous wireless alarm system that detects burglars and keeps them, before they even attempt to break in or cause any kind of damage ...  > view
Electro-Optical Digital Eye Door Camera
A consumer oriented product, a new application within the digital imaging technology  > view
System for Protecting Access into an Access-Controlled Entity
Prevents unauthorized access into an access controlled entity or environment by a unique, highly effective fail counter.  > view
Surgical Instrument Utensil Detector
Metal is detected as it passes through the opening. Ideal for surgical instruments in operating rooms, contraband in jails & prisons.  > view
Private Listing: Number 6396
The owner of this listing has requested that patent numbers, descriptions and other information be provided only to qualifying buyers under confidentiality agreement. ...  > view