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Sweep-or-Pick. Universal Garbage Pickup Tool
Five cleaning tools integrated in one – a broom for sweeping and four various pick up tools designed to get the litter even from ...  > view
Threaded Attachment System for Spray Containment Device
Patented system for attaching a cone spray containment device quickly and removing if unneeded. The thread attachment system has other potential applications.  > view
Vehicle Rugged Computer Laptop and Tablet Mount.
User friendly, ergonomic vehicle rugged laptop, tablet mount. High tech design. One hand manipulation.  > view
White Board and Table in One Design (convertible table)
A smart design that focuses on saving space and cost by efficiently combining two products in one.  > view
Water Soluble and Dissolvable Tape or Blanket Filled with Paint Remover
The tape is made from PVOH, A water soluble film (much the same as the soluble plastic you find on a dishwasher soap ...  > view
Electrical Box Wire Shield
An electrical box or lighting fixture that helps to prevent fires caused by a short circuit, the box protects the wires.  > view
Smart-Collet Bearing Pullers
Bearing puller for tapered roller bearings, ball bearings, & bearing race removal.  > view
Windshield Wiper Blade
Developed to effectively remove frost, ice, liquid from a vehicle windshield.  > view
Self-Inflating Heat Sanitizer to Prevent Bedbug/Lice Infestation
Self-inflating enclosure for rapid heat sanitation of luggage after travel in order to prevent bedbug/lice infestation.  > view
Trim Capping System - Does Not Use Visable Fasteners
A two piece exterior capping system, made of aluminum or vinyl, for covering new or existing wooden fascia or rake boards.  > view
Hextender- Nut Starter
Nut starter device developed for grasping and installing hex nuts for general assembly  > view
Efficient Device for Eliminating Smoke
The invention uses high‐frequency circuits and fly‐back transformers to generate high voltage electric field arc. This arc plasma impinges upon a ...  > view
Energy Free Comfort Mattress
A new kind of mattress that can replace conventional seat- and bed mattresses and revolutionizes comfort foam manufacturing.  > view
Plant Watering and Feeding Aid for Newly Planted Plants
Plant watering and fertilizing aid. Site specific feeding of newly planted plants up 2 months.  > view
High Performance Screw & Screw Bit
The technology uses 28-44% less force compared to the Phillips head, and the tool bit does not slip out during high resistance to ...  > view
2/3D Graphics & Image Display plus related I/O Port Technology
Display Graphics, Audio, Video & Image processing & Acceleration plus Gaming and Display system Semiconductor ICs & Systems  > view
Temporary Collapsible Shelter for Workers
Made with electrically insulating, non-conducting, fire resistant material.  > view
Mobile Power Generation
Vehicle based form of emergency, back up, or remote electrical power.  > view
Private Listing: Number 6904
The owner of this listing has requested that patent numbers, descriptions and other information be provided only to qualifying buyers under confidentiality agreement. ...  > view
Private Listing: Number 6361
The owner of this listing has requested that patent numbers, descriptions and other information be provided only to qualifying buyers under confidentiality agreement. ...  > view