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Virtual Reality -- Augmented Reality Headset -- Mixed Reality -- Retractable Camera -- Medical Mask
Augmented Reality Lens built into Headwear. Virtual Reality headset built into apparel.  > view
Foldable Bike
A foldable bike that when folded, keeps wheels overlapped coaxially to forma a cart   > view
Point of Use Water Purification Device
Ultrafiltration of water is performed through the external skin of a spring loaded flexible container. This concept is characterized by low cost and ...  > view
Individually-controlled Passive Active and Resistive (IPAR) Rehabilitation Device
A portable, cost effective device to facilitate the restoration of strength and range of motion in the lower extremity.  > view
Drop Bed Trailer
Drop-bed trailer tested and proven over 50,000 miles - used for towing a motorcycle to a smart car, easily operated by one person.  > view
Filtered Hydration System Life Jacket with Concealed Hood and Waterproof Pockets
A life jacket that protects an individual from prolonged exposure to the elements.  > view
Wheelchair Fitness Solution
Universal home gym system for wheelchair users  > view
Scooter and Bike Stand (dual use) - Storage Solution!
A unique storage solution for parents that are tired of picking up their kid's scooters and bikes!  > view
Equipment for performing physiotherapic exercises to relax your back
For postural education, re-education for physiotherapy, wellness centre, home fitness useful for performing passive lumbar stretching exercises autonomously or with operator  > view
Swing Golf Training Tool
Multifunctional training tool for numerous practice positions which include: alignment, ball position, swing plane, proper weight transfer and much more  > view
Convertible Wind Surfing Board
Three sports in one: wind surfing, cycling and water cycling.   > view
Vertical Bicycle Parking
Safety from theft and damages, and maximum space saving.   > view
Ultra light-weight, foldable, electric scooter
An ultra light-weight, foldable, electric scooter which could revolutionize urban traffic.  > view
Remote Controlled Beach Cooler
Remote controlled cooler that glides across any surface, specifically designed to reflect the consumers’ individuality.  > view
Driving Mechanism for Cycles
It is new driving mechanism for cycles, rickshaws & tricycle for crippled persons having several advantages over existing system.  > view
A Motorized Walking Machine for Rehabilitation Purposes
Aids walking and gait training, helps to regain strength and coordination - great for individuals in rehabilitation programs.  > view
LED Lighted Box
An LED lighted box.   > view
New sports equipment
A new catch and throw ball sport technology  > view
Disposable Heat-Generated Vest
Low cost, easy to manufacture disposal heat-generated vest.  > view