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LED Lighted Box
An LED lighted box.   > view
Folder for storing and filing loose papers or documents.
Folder with a folder back and 4 flaps, 3 of which are interconnected by an elastic cord. These 3 flaps open and close simultaneously. Once opened ...  > view
Case to accommodate a writing pad or pre-punched refills.
Case to accommodate wire- or spiral- bound writing pads as well as refills, which are releasably fastened on a 180° swivel-mounted flap by means ...  > view
Beverage container convertible to a drinking vessel
Beverage bottle that converts to a drinking vessel.  > view
Hand Propelled Device to Heat Up All Fluids
Through the use of kinetic energy, a small electrical current is generated to heat up liquids, gels, oils and cremes, up to approx 3 ...  > view
Self-Inflating Heat Sanitizer to Prevent Bedbug/Lice Infestation
Self-inflating enclosure for rapid heat sanitation of luggage after travel in order to prevent bedbug/lice infestation.  > view
Pillow Anti-Deformation Code
Pillow deformation is only a history of pillow evolution in the future.  > view
Efficient Device for Eliminating Smoke
The invention uses high‐frequency circuits and fly‐back transformers to generate high voltage electric field arc. This arc plasma impinges upon a ...  > view
Energy Free Comfort Mattress
A new kind of mattress that can replace conventional seat- and bed mattresses and revolutionizes comfort foam manufacturing.  > view
Designer Water Level Controller for Toilet Cistern
Compact design with no external float, allow maximum flexibility in the shape and design of high end toilet cisterns.  > view
Beverage Packaging and Container
Spill free one time use pre-filled beverage package for use by e.g. drive-through restaurants, bars, institutions etc.  > view
Hygienic Transparent Lid for Beverage Tin Cans
A completely transparent lid made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) adapting to the drinks tins.  > view
An Amazing Folding Table
Introducing an amazing folding table - revolutionizing multi-purpose room furniture.  > view
Flexible Packaging for Doses of Mayo, Ketchup, Vinagrete, Salad Dressings, Condensed Milk
Patented single dose packets for fluid and pasty products such as mayo, ketchup and all types of sauces and dressings can be served ...  > view
Total Spine Support System for Chairs and Portable Back Supports
This total back support system engages and supports multiple regions of the spinal column of a person seated in a chair to relieve ...  > view
Underground Material Dispenser
A unique subterranean material dispensing device which easily inserts into the ground and has a wide dispersion radius for effectively delivering material both ...  > view
Plant Watering and Feeding Aid for Newly Planted Plants
Plant watering and fertilizing aid. Site specific feeding of newly planted plants up 2 months.  > view
U. S. Design Patent - Toilet Plunger Holder
A devise that stores a toilet plunger inside its container and opens when the plunger handle is lifted.   > view
Electronics Packaging
ICs, Power Transistors, Sensors & Module packaging plus Circuit board enclosures  > view
2/3D Graphics & Image Display plus related I/O Port Technology
Display Graphics, Audio, Video & Image processing & Acceleration plus Gaming and Display system Semiconductor ICs & Systems  > view