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Outdoor Solar Decorative Lighting
String of lighting, 5 to 10 feet in length. Charged with solar collector.   > view
Remote power state detector
A system for remotely indicating a power state (ON-OFF) of a home or business appliances. This system is easily configurable and flexible tool ...  > view
Patented Biodegradable Fire Resistant Foam
Foam to protect homes and buildings in the event of a wildfire  > view
Triac-Based AC Dimmer suitable for LED modules
The Patent offers a solution to dimming the new generation of LED modules. The industry says the modules are "dimmable", street knowledge say ...  > view
Sectional Fold-Up Garage Door
A compact overhead garage door - it is convenient and quiet, with a space saving, economical design.  > view
Sweep-or-Pick. Universal Garbage Pickup Tool
Five cleaning tools integrated in one – a broom for sweeping and four various pick up tools designed to get the litter even from ...  > view
Threaded Attachment System for Spray Containment Device
Patented system for attaching a cone spray containment device quickly and removing if unneeded. The thread attachment system has other potential applications.  > view
Fireproof Covers for Homes & Life-saving Fire-resistant Tents for Firemen
Fireproof house covers as protection from wildfires & extensible, connectable fireproof tents for firemen fighting wildfires and chemical/other fires on industrial sites & bullet ...  > view
Vehicle Rugged Computer Laptop and Tablet Mount.
User friendly, ergonomic vehicle rugged laptop, tablet mount. High tech design. One hand manipulation.  > view
Universal Structural Element
The invention describes a universal structural element for the purpose of forming three-dimensional structures/buildings  > view
White Board and Table in One Design (convertible table)
A smart design that focuses on saving space and cost by efficiently combining two products in one.  > view
Protective covers for wine and drinks glasses
Glasscovers for wine and drinks glasses, also function as coasters, that provide protection from airborne pollution and insects while generating advertising opportunities.  > view
Filtered Hydration System Life Jacket with Concealed Hood and Waterproof Pockets
A life jacket that protects an individual from prolonged exposure to the elements.  > view
Bathroom Cleanliness with Scent and a Visual Promotional Opportunity
Our product harness the powers of both scent and images. Smell has a greater impact on purchasing than everything else combined.  > view
Hamburger Holder - Packaging for a Better Burger Experience
The hamburger holder holds the burger together, prevents spills and mess while eating, providing "a better burger experience".  > view
Tick Removal Lotion Patents and related Trademarks
Non toxic solution to safely and easily remove ticks from the skin of a human or pet.  > view
Safety Cooking Lid
This product solves at least 15,000 years - old problem of stability of cookware lid in its habitually displaced position.  > view
Diaper with Intergrated Pocket/Waste Bag
Convenient, easy clean up and disposal of a diaper - suitable for child and adult diapers.  > view
Neck Support for a Hair Salon Sink
Provides comfort while having your hair washed or rinsed at the hair salon. Prevents kinks and stiffness in your neck.  > view
Ultimate Hairstyle Protecting Therapeutic Pillow
Adjustable therapeutic three- layer special designed memory foam pillow with retractable 8 level height bar to allow users to find there desired comfort zone. ...  > view