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Electronic Material with Benzodeazaadenine Derived Base
A nucleic acid containing a tailored nucleic acid base which has charge transportability equal to guanine and is resistant to oxidative decomposition.  > view
New Thermostable Collagen Digesting Enzyme
This technology relates to thermostable collagen decomposing enzyme formed by a new micro-organism, and the new micro-organism and a technique for producing the ...  > view
Diagnosis, Therapy & Prevention of Male Infertility
This technology also contributes to the detection and measurement of ED causing a risk of inducing low sperm count and reproductive dysfunction.  > view
BioChip Arrays
Design and manufacture of semiconductor Biochip arrays for analyzing DNA/RNA, proteins etc.  > view
ST104P, an Anti-angiogenesis Agent
A tetrameric cyclic compound,perturbs migration and formation of endothelial cells, abolishes neovascularization, delays tumor growth.  > view
Treatment for Alzheimers Disease.
A therapeutically effective dose of Huperzine A can be transdermally administered to patient for the treatment of Alzheimers disease (AD).   > view
Identify Abnormal Base Sequence in DNA or RNA
Ability to recognize and detect molecules that do not match  > view
Compound to Promote/Inhibit the Engulfment of Apoptotic Cells
A removal promoter that can quickly remove apoptotic cells in vivo by macrophages  > view
Technique for Gene Therapy or Reproductive Treatment
The current technology is a practical method for introducing an extracellular substance into a female reproductive cell, useful for fertilization or modification of ...  > view
Controlled Electroporation
An electrical treatment of cells that induces transient pores, through which DNA, RNA, dyes, proteins and various chemical agents can enter the cell.  > view
Modified Amino Acid Sequence
Efficiently and selectively provides for the mass production of alloproteins.  > view
Gene Immunization Technology
A technique for easily producing an antibody using gene immunization.  > view
Gene Therapy Technology
A new protein with a WW domain and existing in human cell nuclei, applicable for the diagnosis and therapy of cancers.  > view
Purified Human Sodium Channel with Amino Acid Sequence
A new alpha subunit of the sodium channel of the human nervous system.  > view
Neurodegenerative Disease Technology
System of screening a substance that serves as the active ingredient in therapies for neurodegenerative diseases   > view
Stable Isotope Labeled Amino Acid, Fumaric Acid and Tartaric Acid
A technique for incorporate it into a target protein.  > view
Arteriosclerosis /Hardening of the Arteries Prevention and Remedy
A drug able to inhibit the thickening of the arterial intima.  > view
Test Animal for Restless Leg Syndrome
Method to create a model animal to use in the research of restless leg syndrome.  > view