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Extracorporeal Medical Device for the Treatment of Severe Sepsis
Utilizes ultraviolet irradiation to inactivate blood-borne pathogens and hemofiltration to reduce inflammatory mediators.  > view
Bifidobacteria Strains with Tolerance to Acid, Bile Salt and Oxygen
The present invention relates to development of Bifidobacteria strains with acid, bile salt and oxygen tolerance and a method of their culture .  > view
Agglutination Immunoassay Based on Nucleic-Acid Bound Polypeptide
Immunoassay Which Overcomes Limitations of Existing Immunoassays Through Use of a Nucleic-Acid Bound Polypeptide  > view
Efficient, Effective and Affordable Continuous Monitoring System of Drinking Water
Fast and cost effective monitoring of water purity enabling early warning and reporting problems on-line direct to the authorities  > view
Anti-inflamatory and Anti-aging Compounds of Topical Administration
New association compounds formulated as topical drugs (ointments, creams, balms) that act synergically to dramatically reduce anti-aging and inflammatory diseases.  > view
Screening for Angiogenic-Modulating
The technology relates to the use of teleost embryos to screen agents for angiogenic modulating activities and toxicity.  > view
On-Chip Monitoring of Cellular Reaction
A means for on-chip monitoring of cellular reactions and for enabling soft-docking of cells.  > view
Carrier Materials for Mosquito-Larvae Killing Pesticides
A new way for the production of carrier materials for mosquito-larvae killing pesticides.   > view
Diagnostic Test Kit to Detect Mycobacterium Other Than Tuberculosis (MOTT).
The kit allows a rapid (less than 24 hours) diagnose MOTT infections in humans or animals.  > view
Mesoporous Compositions For Use In Oral Drug Delivery
Oral drug delivery and flavor-masking vehicles for vitamin E, K, D, other water-insoluble drugs and nutraceuticals using novel mesoporous compositions comprising vitamin E ...  > view
Drug for Osteoporosis & Bone Fracture
A pharmaceutical composition which can be used to prevent and treat bone fracture and osteoporosis.  > view
Technique to Detect Brain Disorders
Using labelled acyl-L-carnitine as a diagnostic agent.  > view
New Porphyrin Metal Complex
This metal complex can bind and release oxygen reversibly.  > view
Technique For Forming Planar Lipid Double Membrane
Used in membrane protein analysis and for various equipment in this field.  > view
Experimental Model Animal Patent Portfolio
Four different experimental model animals - developed for specific diseases  > view
Gene Therapy Treatment for Solid Cancers, Fibrosis, Organ Transplant and more...
A cell specific duplication competent vector that does not affect normal adult cells but expresses a gene specifically to particular cells to self-replicate.  > view
Technique to Obtain Immunological Tolerance
Using fetal T lymphocyte mediated DNA transferred into thymus, to a foreign DNA such as a viral vector-derived component.   > view
New Enzyme Inhibitor for Preventing Cell Death
The technology prevents the cell death by preparing an inhibitor of this enzyme.  > view
Technique to Produce a Three Dimensional Structure of a Functional Material
The technology exploits a bio-mineralization ability of an inorganic material binding peptide.  > view
Technique for Inhibiting Cancer Cell Division
Provides a technique for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and a cancer growth inhibitor.  > view