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Enzymatic diagnostic test for SARS and other viral diseases
Rapid detection of an active pathogen's enzyme in the host. Technology allows the detection of dangerous viruses, to prevent the spread of pandemics ...  > view
Topical Skin Treatment
Product line that safely promotes collagen formation in human skin using thyroid hormone receptor ligands. Enhances wound healing, repairs skin damaged from aging, ...  > view
Therapeutic Approaches for Skeletal Muscle Degeneration in Human Diseases
Formulations are provided for treating adverse effects of skeletal muscle degerative human diseases and conditions. They include Stress Hormones(Jasmonates) and Antioxidant Biomolecules.  > view
Food Waste Elimination Bin
A food waste elimination bin is a passive system that converts all food waste into fertilizer using nature's creatures available in the environment.   > view
Medical Device for Women's Health Diagnostics
Used for: 1. Female Sexual Dysfunction; 2. Potential against STI’s and STD’s; 3. Drug/Active transport processes; 4. Adjuvant potential for vaccine delivery; 5.Women’s ...  > view
Regulation of Apotosis in Aquatic Organisms by Aquabirnvirus
It discloses a new IPNV infection mechanism in aquatic animal.   > view
High Throughput Molecular Docking Software for Virtual Screening
The technology enables the massive screening of large libraries of small molecules with high performance GPU hardware and lower energy consumption  > view
Breast Cancer Treatment
Using extract of lotus leaves  > view
Pharmacological Solutions to Sleep Related Breathing Disorders
The portfolio consists of different pharmacological solutions to address sleep disorders.  > view
New type of layer silicate nanocomposites of polymer hydrogels and their use in tissue expanders
New type of layer silicate nanocomposites of polymer hydrogels and their use in tissue expanders  > view
Method and Diagnostic Kit for Diagnosing Susceptibility of Post-Traumatic Scar Tissue Formation
A new method for diagnosing susceptibility of post-traumatic scar tissue formation.  > view
Transcription factor assay and unique probes for real-time PCR diagnostics
The technology provides real-time PCR methods for the ultra-sensitive detection and measurement of toxins, infectious agents, and diseases mediated by transcription factors and ...  > view
Use of kynurenic acid analogues for the treatment of Huntington's disease
A new invention directed to kynurenic acid amide analogues for use curing the symptoms of Huntington’s disease.  > view
Nanotechnology for controlled drug release: Core-shell nanoparticles for sustained release of drug molecules
A sustained release, core-shell structure, cytokine-containing bionanocomposite.  > view
Unique Model for Screening Anti-Diabetic Compounds
The technology provides a method for generating insulin non-responsive skeletal muscle cell culture model to screen anti-diabetic compounds against insulin resistance.  > view
Identification and utilization of antibacterial agents
A technique of identifying the site of interaction between bacterial toxin and antitoxin polypeptides  > view
Healthy Food Method
Genetic register and taxonomic identification of animal species in food samples - tool with diverse applications in the food industry  > view
Virtual Modeling of Biological Tissue with Adaptive Emergent Functionality
A technique for modeling biological tissue yielding virtual multicellular individuals that display adaptive emergent functionality as a reaction to environmental stimuli.  > view
Inhibitors of Staphylococcus
The technology is aimed at designing, synthesizing and recognizing potent inhibitors of SarA function, then using the inhibitors to treat staphylococcal infections.  > view
New Immunotherapy for Warts
Injecting antigens that induce a delayed type hypersensitivity reaction.  > view