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Composition and Method for Treating Ulcers
An effective and efficient therapeutic compound for treatment of peptic ulcer disease, very safe and affordable.  > view
Innovative Formulations in the Area of Chronotherapeutic Drug Delivery
Products/IP enable drug delivery to be targeted for optimum release time or location, thus providing a rational approach for treating disease while ...  > view
Improving the Accuracy of the Microarray Genomics Technique
Technology improves accuracy of all types of microarray analyses including DNA capture enrichment by use of high resolution DNA melting curve analysis.   > view
Advanced Resin Technology (ART) - Drug Delivery System
11 patents issued worldwide and 17 patents pending make up 5 patent families.  > view
Pharmaceutical Composition for Inhibiting Corneal, Retinal Angiogenesis, and other Organs
Synergic pharmaceutical composition, useful for inhibiting corneal and retinal neovascularization (angiogenesis), and in other organs, in a human being or animal  > view
Electrochemical Treatment of Biological Processes
Techniques and devices for electrical, chemical, electrochemical, and/or photochemical control of biological and biotechnological processes, e.g., treatment of cancer, benign tumors, ...  > view
Upconverting Nanoparticles for Authentication, Biological & Solar Applications
Ssynthesis, characterization and spectroscopy of upconverting lanthanide-doped NaYF4 nanoparticles or nanocrystals (NCs).  > view
Sampler and Concentrator for Aerosol Bio-detection Devices
Electrostatic sampler and concentrator for biological aerosols  > view
Device and methods for detecting the production of methamphetamine
Protect rental property investments by early warning sensing and alert of the production of methamphetamine - prevents contamination.  > view
Tick Removal Lotion Patents and related Trademarks
Non toxic solution to safely and easily remove ticks from the skin of a human or pet.  > view
ECG QT Interval Measurement Algorithm as per Electrophysiological Definition
Negative and positive digital ECG images are superimposed to give best fit of common T wave baseline. First time of baseline intersection is ...  > view
Anti-Wart Topical Drugs
A topical formulation for the treatment of warts (and papillomaviruses) based on green tea catechins, certain antiinflammatories and other additional antioxidants  > view
Therapeutic for the Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease and other Neurological Disorders
A natural and semi-modified formula that has shown to reverse AD symptoms in humans in pre-clinical tests.  > view
Treatment for Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and Obesity
A carbohydrate regulator based upon phytochemicals that has been shown in clinical trials to lower blood glucose and completely control carb metabolism including ...  > view
Gene Sequencing Inventions
Techniques for Complex Genetic and Molecular Information Analysis  > view
Prostate Cancer Treatment Method
"White Space" Opportunity based on Cornell Study that found half of prostate cancers are driven by estrogen  > view
Epilepsy / Seizure Treatment Method
Pathogenesis based epilepsy / seizure treatment method versus today's symptom based treatment approaches.  > view
Treatment of Alcoholism and Alcohol Dependence
A new and comprehensive therapy of alcohol dependence and alcoholism based on a combination of two clinically used components: the amino acid tryptophan ...  > view
A parent patent for a family of patents, patent applications and other IP used to build-up a biomarker platform technology for use in ...  > view
Wireless System for Pathology and Telemedicine
A proprietary biomarker connects cytopathology, digital imaging, and telemedicine (both wired and wireless) into a system for fast, accurate and low cost medical ...  > view