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Extracorporeal Medical Device for the Treatment of Severe Sepsis
Utilizes ultraviolet irradiation to inactivate blood-borne pathogens and hemofiltration to reduce inflammatory mediators.  > view
Cleaning Device for Body Piercing
A device for cleaning the passageway between points of a piercing  > view
Personal Display Technology
Diffractive planar optics convert an optically transparent plate into a complete, light-weight wearable viewing system.  > view
Sealing earplug
This sealing earplug is inflatable and provides maximum reliability and efficiency  > view
Device for Controlling Urination in Patients with an Obstructed Urinary Bladder Outlet
A disposable catheter combined with ferromagnetic element to control urination outlet.  > view
Direct Current Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation
A technique/equipment for plasma immersion ion implantation (PIII) for DC/long pulse length quasi-DC techniques.  > view
Optical Source for Photodynamic Therapy
Optical source for use in photodynamic therapy and photomedicine  > view
Spinal Implant Patents
Portfolio of Spinal Implant Patents Including Spinal Fixation Devices and Intervertebral Cage  > view
Dental Implant Withstanding Strong Bite Force
Dental implant distributes force to provide more natural, less breakable, dental bridge.  > view
Adjustable and Easy to Use Pessary Device
Flexible, one size fit all and easy to use vaginal pessary device.  > view
Intramedullary Surgical Device
Technology and know-how transfer are available for sale.  > view
Detect & Diagnose Ocular Fundus Defect
Using a photograph of the ocular fundus to detect eye diseases, such as glaucoma and retinal detachment  > view
Strap Assemblies for Medical Devices
Supports one or more devices mountable on patient.  > view
Second Generation Slippery Thin Film Technology, Applicable to Catheters , Introducers and Endoscope Covers
Medical Device Patents - FDA Approvals, Prototypes and Manufacturing Equipment  > view
Portable, Efficient Tracheotomy Device
Technique and equipment allow for a tracheotomy to be performed on a patient.  > view
Particle Beam Image Detector
Using gas amplification attained by pixel-type electrodes.  > view
MRI Probe Responsive to an Ion or Other Compound
A magnetic resonance imaging probe and a new gadolinium complex compound that responds to an ion or compound other than zinc ion.  > view
Medicine Watch
A watch that opens into a pillbox, eliminates the worry of missed medication doses as an alarm on the watch reminds you when ...  > view
Hearing Aid Technology
Detects and amplifies human voice for those hard of hearing.  > view
Iris Recognition
Iris or other biometric access to data, transactions or facilities  > view