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Regulation of Intravenous (IV) Flow of Drugs and Rehydration Fluids
Patented design improves reliability and lowers cost for IV infusions.  > view
FDA Approved CPR/CCR Resuscitation Metronome
An AHA compliant medical device designed to improve the quality of resuscitation provided to a patient requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and/or cardiocerebral ...  > view
Electronic Device for Preventing Hearing-Loss and Simulating Ear Distortion
A simple electronic module which can raise the sensation of volume, without raising the sound pressure level (SPL), and without modifying the tone ...  > view
A parent patent for a family of patents, patent applications and other IP used to build-up a biomarker platform technology for use in ...  > view
Wireless System for Pathology and Telemedicine
A proprietary biomarker connects cytopathology, digital imaging, and telemedicine (both wired and wireless) into a system for fast, accurate and low cost medical ...  > view
Universal Adapter for Mobile Telemicroscopy
A small device to connect any microscope with any smartphone and to enable still image files creating and forwarding  > view
Element to Aid Cementation of Fixed Dental Prosthesis
Developed to make the cementation secure and with better precision.  > view
Medical Device for Women's Health Diagnostics
Used for: 1. Female Sexual Dysfunction; 2. Potential against STI’s and STD’s; 3. Drug/Active transport processes; 4. Adjuvant potential for vaccine delivery; 5.Women’s ...  > view
FDA Approved Medical Device with Patented Lab Process
A tampon like device collects menstrual fluids and analyses for various diseases: cervical endometrial cancers HPV, STDs, Hepatitis, TB/DNA, HPV, HIV/AIDS, ...  > view
Medical Device for Treatment of Hard-to-Heal Wounds
Non-Invasive Wound Healing Technology for the Medical Treatment of Chronic, Hard-to-Heal Wounds  > view
X-Ray Mammography Patent Application
Both amplitude and phase collected in single measurement.  > view
Sleep Apnea Technology
The technology provides a technique for treating snoring or sleep apnea.  > view
Artificial Ligaments For Joint Applications
Ligaments incorporated into a prosthetic or natural joint exhibiting a plasticized, elongated and deformable material.  > view
Percutaneous Sealing of Internal Puncture Sites
The portfolio covers both introducing device and thrombogenic material necessary for puncture site closure   > view
New type of layer silicate nanocomposites of polymer hydrogels and their use in tissue expanders
New type of layer silicate nanocomposites of polymer hydrogels and their use in tissue expanders  > view
Mobile Pneumothorax (PTX) Detection Apparatus
A mobile pneumothorax detection apparatus based on the measurement of bio impedances.   > view
Complete Software for Blood Pressure Monitor
High performance software meets and exceed best in class for BPM and detection of anomalies, fully FDA approved.  > view
Urine Sample Collection Cups Designed for Women
The present invention relates to a urine sample collector, which is designed to be woman/obese-patient friendly.  > view
Printed Circuit Membrane with Acupuncture & Massage Functions
Applicable for beauty and healthcare, such as relieving insomnia, depression and anxiety.  > view
Breathing Apparatus - Breathe Easier
Aids to improve the breathing of those who suffer with chronic nasal congestion.   > view