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Improving the Accuracy of the Microarray Genomics Technique
Technology improves accuracy of all types of microarray analyses including DNA capture enrichment by use of high resolution DNA melting curve analysis.   > view
Method and Diagnostic Kit for Diagnosing Susceptibility of Post-Traumatic Scar Tissue Formation
A new method for diagnosing susceptibility of post-traumatic scar tissue formation.  > view
Healthy Food Method
Genetic register and taxonomic identification of animal species in food samples - tool with diverse applications in the food industry  > view
Virtual Modeling of Biological Tissue with Adaptive Emergent Functionality
A technique for modeling biological tissue yielding virtual multicellular individuals that display adaptive emergent functionality as a reaction to environmental stimuli.  > view
Gene Therapy Treatment for Solid Cancers, Fibrosis, Organ Transplant and more...
A cell specific duplication competent vector that does not affect normal adult cells but expresses a gene specifically to particular cells to self-replicate.  > view
Technique to Obtain Immunological Tolerance
Using fetal T lymphocyte mediated DNA transferred into thymus, to a foreign DNA such as a viral vector-derived component.   > view
Identify Abnormal Base Sequence in DNA or RNA
Ability to recognize and detect molecules that do not match  > view
Technique for Gene Therapy or Reproductive Treatment
The current technology is a practical method for introducing an extracellular substance into a female reproductive cell, useful for fertilization or modification of ...  > view
Means of Inducing Fusion or Fission of Molecular Aggregates
Stimulating fusion or fission of molecular aggregates for instance liposomes at a water interface.  > view
Purified Human Sodium Channel with Amino Acid Sequence
A new alpha subunit of the sodium channel of the human nervous system.  > view
New Pharmaceutical Model - Transferring the Gene Complex
The gene is transferred into abnormal cells efficiently, easily and selectively, the transferred gene can be activated in the cells.  > view
New Gene Detecting Technique
A technique of detecting a gene and finding the presence or absence of a specific base has mutated.  > view
Private Listing: Number 1603
The owner of this listing has requested that patent numbers, descriptions and other information be provided only to qualifying buyers under confidentiality agreement. ...  > view