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Nanopatch sensor in cell membrane
A real-time novel cellular platform which may be used for detecting occurrence of cellular biochemical processes that involve membrane perturbation or take place ...  > view
A Plasmid construct for Testing the Resistance of HIV-1 Subtype C virus
A Plasmid construct for testing the resistance of HIV-1 Subtype C virus effectiveness of chemical compounds to inhibit HIV-1 replication in-vitro  > view
Rapid test for Multidrug Resistant Infections
This technology suggests a rapid testing and profiling kit for multidrug resistance bacteria and for enabling real time monitoring so as to save ...  > view
Healthy Food Method
Genetic register and taxonomic identification of animal species in food samples - tool with diverse applications in the food industry  > view
Complete Software for Blood Pressure Monitor
High performance software meets and exceed best in class for BPM and detection of anomalies, fully FDA approved.  > view
OLED Patent Portfolio
Stable long life luminescent polymers that can efficiently emit light at a low voltage   > view
Fabrication of Particle for Measuring Flocculation Reaction
Yeilds large quantities safely and easily.  > view
Agglutination Immunoassay Based on Nucleic-Acid Bound Polypeptide
Immunoassay Which Overcomes Limitations of Existing Immunoassays Through Use of a Nucleic-Acid Bound Polypeptide  > view
Anti-inflamatory and Anti-aging Compounds of Topical Administration
New association compounds formulated as topical drugs (ointments, creams, balms) that act synergically to dramatically reduce anti-aging and inflammatory diseases.  > view
Image Processing Equipment and Technique
Image processing technique, equipment and computer program code for microarrays such as DNA microarrays.  > view
Diagnostic Test Kit to Detect Mycobacterium Other Than Tuberculosis (MOTT).
The kit allows a rapid (less than 24 hours) diagnose MOTT infections in humans or animals.  > view
Second Generation Slippery Thin Film Technology, Applicable to Catheters , Introducers and Endoscope Covers
Medical Device Patents - FDA Approvals, Prototypes and Manufacturing Equipment  > view
MRI Probe Responsive to an Ion or Other Compound
A magnetic resonance imaging probe and a new gadolinium complex compound that responds to an ion or compound other than zinc ion.  > view
Diagnosis, Therapy & Prevention of Male Infertility
This technology also contributes to the detection and measurement of ED causing a risk of inducing low sperm count and reproductive dysfunction.  > view
Radiation Dose Simulation, Patent Portfolio
This technology relates to radiation dose simulation equipment and radiator use such as gamma contract sterilizers  > view
Gene Immunization Technology
A technique for easily producing an antibody using gene immunization.  > view
Gene Therapy Technology
A new protein with a WW domain and existing in human cell nuclei, applicable for the diagnosis and therapy of cancers.  > view
Electrophoresis Technique
High speed and sensitive electrophoresis technique for analyzing macro-molecular compounds.  > view
Polymer with Distinctive Optical Properties
A polymer compound may be used as an ultra-violet light transparent material  > view
Photochromic Compound
Photochromic material including a compound belonging to the diheteroarylethene category.  > view