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Microplate comprising a continuous Peripheral Channel
Microplate design that improves the reliability and functionality of laboratory microplates by preventing the evaporation of biological reagents from peripheral wells microplates  > view
Fusion Energy Patent Portfolio for Sale
The US and all International patents issued or pending are included in this sale  > view
Improving the Accuracy of the Microarray Genomics Technique
Technology improves accuracy of all types of microarray analyses including DNA capture enrichment by use of high resolution DNA melting curve analysis.   > view
Electrical Stimulation Systems with Sensors and Feedback
Patents covering method and electronic components for electrical stimulation systems for biomedical applications. Electrical signals can be continuously adjusted using sensors and feedback ...  > view
ECG QT Interval Measurement Algorithm as per Electrophysiological Definition
Negative and positive digital ECG images are superimposed to give best fit of common T wave baseline. First time of baseline intersection is ...  > view
Articulated Weighted Vaginal Speculum
All end users are familiar with the predicate instrument and it's place regards to vaginal surgical procedures. The new patented technology displaces the ...  > view
Pain Diagnosis & Case Management System for Self Insured Companies, and Reinsurance Companies
Sophisticated web-based software system for sale, with documented 50% savings on workers compensation costs.  > view
Composite of Matter for Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes
Innovative carbon nanotechnology solutions - new polymeric materials with many applications.  > view
A parent patent for a family of patents, patent applications and other IP used to build-up a biomarker platform technology for use in ...  > view
Wireless System for Pathology and Telemedicine
A proprietary biomarker connects cytopathology, digital imaging, and telemedicine (both wired and wireless) into a system for fast, accurate and low cost medical ...  > view
Universal Adapter for Mobile Telemicroscopy
A small device to connect any microscope with any smartphone and to enable still image files creating and forwarding  > view
Software for Instantaneous Clinical Decision Support
Software for cerebral blood flow (CBF) imaging.   > view
Minimum Edit Distance Algorithm
Finds the Minimum Edit Distance / Longest Common Subsequence for small alphabets such as DNA sequences or bytes  > view
Electrophysiological Method and Software to Recognize Amblyopia in Early Childhood Stage
A new method and software to recognize amblyopia in early childhood stage.  > view
Medical Device for Women's Health Diagnostics
Used for: 1. Female Sexual Dysfunction; 2. Potential against STI’s and STD’s; 3. Drug/Active transport processes; 4. Adjuvant potential for vaccine delivery; 5.Women’s ...  > view
FDA Approved Medical Device with Patented Lab Process
A tampon like device collects menstrual fluids and analyses for various diseases: cervical endometrial cancers HPV, STDs, Hepatitis, TB/DNA, HPV, HIV/AIDS, ...  > view
Liquid Anode Radiation Source with Head Stand Capability
A novel invention of a liquid anode radiation source with head stand capability.  > view
Method and Diagnostic Kit for Diagnosing Susceptibility of Post-Traumatic Scar Tissue Formation
A new method for diagnosing susceptibility of post-traumatic scar tissue formation.  > view
A Rapid Diagnostic Kit and Reagents for Detecting Dengue Infections
The kit relates to diagnosis of the four known closely related, antigenically distinct serotypes of Dengue virus.  > view