Biomedical Engineering : Therapeutics

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Patents & Technology Available

Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 193

Dental Implant Withstanding Strong Bite Force
Dental implant distributes force to provide more natural, less breakable, dental bridge.  > view
Adjustable and Easy to Use Pessary Device
Flexible, one size fit all and easy to use vaginal pessary device.  > view
Intramedullary Surgical Device
Technology and know-how transfer are available for sale.  > view
Mesoporous Compositions For Use In Oral Drug Delivery
Oral drug delivery and flavor-masking vehicles for vitamin E, K, D, other water-insoluble drugs and nutraceuticals using novel mesoporous compositions comprising vitamin E ...  > view
Drug for Osteoporosis & Bone Fracture
A pharmaceutical composition which can be used to prevent and treat bone fracture and osteoporosis.  > view
Strap Assemblies for Medical Devices
Supports one or more devices mountable on patient.  > view
Second Generation Slippery Thin Film Technology, Applicable to Catheters , Introducers and Endoscope Covers
Medical Device Patents - FDA Approvals, Prototypes and Manufacturing Equipment  > view
Portable, Efficient Tracheotomy Device
Technique and equipment allow for a tracheotomy to be performed on a patient.  > view
Technique to Detect Brain Disorders
Using labelled acyl-L-carnitine as a diagnostic agent.  > view
New Porphyrin Metal Complex
This metal complex can bind and release oxygen reversibly.  > view
Experimental Model Animal Patent Portfolio
Four different experimental model animals - developed for specific diseases  > view
Gene Therapy Treatment for Solid Cancers, Fibrosis, Organ Transplant and more...
A cell specific duplication competent vector that does not affect normal adult cells but expresses a gene specifically to particular cells to self-replicate.  > view
Technique to Obtain Immunological Tolerance
Using fetal T lymphocyte mediated DNA transferred into thymus, to a foreign DNA such as a viral vector-derived component.   > view
Diagnosis, Therapy & Prevention of Male Infertility
This technology also contributes to the detection and measurement of ED causing a risk of inducing low sperm count and reproductive dysfunction.  > view
ST104P, an Anti-angiogenesis Agent
A tetrameric cyclic compound,perturbs migration and formation of endothelial cells, abolishes neovascularization, delays tumor growth.  > view
Treatment for Alzheimers Disease.
A therapeutically effective dose of Huperzine A can be transdermally administered to patient for the treatment of Alzheimers disease (AD).   > view
Compound to Promote/Inhibit the Engulfment of Apoptotic Cells
A removal promoter that can quickly remove apoptotic cells in vivo by macrophages  > view
Surgical Instrument Utensil Detector
Metal is detected as it passes through the opening. Ideal for surgical instruments in operating rooms, contraband in jails & prisons.  > view
Technique for Gene Therapy or Reproductive Treatment
The current technology is a practical method for introducing an extracellular substance into a female reproductive cell, useful for fertilization or modification of ...  > view
Medical Device for Securing Surgical Catheters
Equipment and technique for securing a device to the body - to prevent dislodgment.   > view