Biomedical Engineering : Therapeutics

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Patents & Technology Available

Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 193

Medication Adherence Device
The patented device is an innovative reminding alarm that activates its speaker and flashing light at the time of a medication dosage.  > view
Electrical Stimulation Systems with Sensors and Feedback
Patents covering method and electronic components for electrical stimulation systems for biomedical applications. Electrical signals can be continuously adjusted using sensors and feedback ...  > view
Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) Spacer
Spacer for delivery of medications from an inhaler to children and breathing impaired patients   > view
A Disruptive Technology for the Infusion Pump Market
Enable the first 4th generation Infusion Pump that Industry experts believe will answer the un-met device issues that harm more than 770,000 patients each ...  > view
Upconverting Nanoparticles for Authentication, Biological & Solar Applications
Ssynthesis, characterization and spectroscopy of upconverting lanthanide-doped NaYF4 nanoparticles or nanocrystals (NCs).  > view
Patented Visual Safety Indicator for Electrosurgical Instruments
Using the invention, when the handpiece is activated the radio frequency (RF) current generator produces an electric field that is coupled to the ...  > view
Intranasal Drug or Vaccine Delivery Device
Delivery system for optimal drug or vaccine delivery to the nose.  > view
Thrombectomy Catheter
Thrombectomy microcatheter for effectively removing blood clots in the brain   > view
Hemodialysis catheter
Single tip double lumen continuous flow hemodialysis catheter for kidney dialysis patients. FDA approved.  > view
Medical Device for Ear Cleaning
The device uses a pressure differential between a first container and a second container to transport the fluid to the ear, to clean ...  > view
Device and methods for detecting the production of methamphetamine
Protect rental property investments by early warning sensing and alert of the production of methamphetamine - prevents contamination.  > view
Tick Removal Lotion Patents and related Trademarks
Non toxic solution to safely and easily remove ticks from the skin of a human or pet.  > view
ECG QT Interval Measurement Algorithm as per Electrophysiological Definition
Negative and positive digital ECG images are superimposed to give best fit of common T wave baseline. First time of baseline intersection is ...  > view
Biomedical Information Navigator
Biomedical Information Navigator (BIN) is anadvanced visualization, multi- layered databases, network analytical cloud-based software and web service.  > view
Advanced Therapy Blanket Designed to Quiet and Comfort Children
A blanket composed of safe long duration glow fiber that is recharged by ambient light, serving as both a night light and security ...  > view
An Orally Administered Prophylactic Against Sunburn and UV Skin Damage
Orally administered phytochemical based formula for prevention of radiation damage to skin  > view
Therapeutic for the Prevention and Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease and other Neurological Disorders
A natural and semi-modified formula that has shown to reverse AD symptoms in humans in pre-clinical tests.  > view
Treatment for Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and Obesity
A carbohydrate regulator based upon phytochemicals that has been shown in clinical trials to lower blood glucose and completely control carb metabolism including ...  > view
Heat Therapy Patent
Treats below-skin tissue via light and heat.  > view
Surgical Drainage Device
Device for inserting a drain and handle for such a device.  > view