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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 194

E-Cigerette Portfolio
Method and system for vaporization of a substance  > view
Antioxidant Infusion Technology
Two Patented Tinctures of Flavonoids with pending CIP  > view
Unique Pain Relieving Vests For Upper body Pain
Pain Relieving Vests (compression vests) are for relieving pain in the upper body. They provide full back support, helps to correct poor posture.  > view
Audio, Speech, Health monitoring and Therapy
Patents relating to audio, speech and noise reduction technology found in today's wireless communications systems, as well as technology found in health monitoring ...  > view
Implantable Drug Delivery Pump
A fail-safe refill process for implantable drug delivery pumps. Patients or home care-giver can safely refill pump without having to visit physician office.  > view
Cell-based Device for Local Treatment with Therapeutic Proteins
Cell-based device for local treatment with therapeutic proteins treatment of chronic wounds and neurodegenerative diseases  > view
Fusion Energy Patent Portfolio for Sale
The US and all International patents issued or pending are included in this sale  > view
Motorized Walking Machine for Rehabilitation Purposes
A motorized rehabilitation device to help rehabilitate the lower extremities.  > view
A Breast Patch To Inhibit Prolactin
Lactation suppression - aids the relief of discomfort from breast engorgement pain, by drying breast milk after pregnancy.  > view
Quieter Hyper-Axial Flow Wheel or Impeller (peripheral tunnel propeller)
An impeller or wheel that moves a fluid avoiding liquefying or centrifugation of the fluid, also provides quieter, stronger and safer operation.  > view
Innovative Formulations in the Area of Chronotherapeutic Drug Delivery
Products/IP enable drug delivery to be targeted for optimum release time or location, thus providing a rational approach for treating disease while ...  > view
Advanced Resin Technology (ART) - Drug Delivery System
11 patents issued worldwide and 17 patents pending make up 5 patent families.  > view
IP Apps Coding System For Telephone Cellular & Retail Applications
IP integrated coding system revolutionize using alpha characters replacing area codes & using ticker symbols and a vip private tracking system customized  > view
Bioactive Surface for Dental Implants Coated with Vitamin D Precursor
A biocompatible and bioactive surface coated with a precursor of Vitamin D, used by the bone cells to locally produce active vitamin D, ...  > view
Pharmaceutical Composition for Inhibiting Corneal, Retinal Angiogenesis, and other Organs
Synergic pharmaceutical composition, useful for inhibiting corneal and retinal neovascularization (angiogenesis), and in other organs, in a human being or animal  > view
Eliminating health risks caused by extensive use of cell phones
Supported by scientific theory and biological testing we developed patented technology to mitigate the potential harmful effects of the electromagnetic radiation generated by ...  > view
Technology to treat cancer using combinations of weak electromagnetic fields
Effects on cell morphology can be modulated by varying the applied magnetic field, demonstrating that variation in the applied fields can further modulate ...  > view
Individually-controlled Passive Active and Resistive (IPAR) Rehabilitation Device
A portable, cost effective device to facilitate the restoration of strength and range of motion in the lower extremity.  > view