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Therapeutic Approaches for Skeletal Muscle Degeneration in Human Diseases
Formulations are provided for treating adverse effects of skeletal muscle degerative human diseases and conditions. They include Stress Hormones(Jasmonates) and Antioxidant Biomolecules.  > view
Medical Device for Women's Health Diagnostics
Used for: 1. Female Sexual Dysfunction; 2. Potential against STI’s and STD’s; 3. Drug/Active transport processes; 4. Adjuvant potential for vaccine delivery; 5.Women’s ...  > view
Regulation of Apotosis in Aquatic Organisms by Aquabirnvirus
It discloses a new IPNV infection mechanism in aquatic animal.   > view
High Throughput Molecular Docking Software for Virtual Screening
The technology enables the massive screening of large libraries of small molecules with high performance GPU hardware and lower energy consumption  > view
Breast Cancer Treatment
Using extract of lotus leaves  > view
Pharmacological Solutions to Sleep Related Breathing Disorders
The portfolio consists of different pharmacological solutions to address sleep disorders.  > view
New type of layer silicate nanocomposites of polymer hydrogels and their use in tissue expanders
New type of layer silicate nanocomposites of polymer hydrogels and their use in tissue expanders  > view
Use of kynurenic acid analogues for the treatment of Huntington's disease
A new invention directed to kynurenic acid amide analogues for use curing the symptoms of Huntington’s disease.  > view
Nanotechnology for controlled drug release: Core-shell nanoparticles for sustained release of drug molecules
A sustained release, core-shell structure, cytokine-containing bionanocomposite.  > view
Block Copolymer Preparation
A block copolymer consisting of two types of segments that are chemically linked.  > view
New Immunotherapy for Warts
Injecting antigens that induce a delayed type hypersensitivity reaction.  > view
Bifidobacteria Strains with Tolerance to Acid, Bile Salt and Oxygen
The present invention relates to development of Bifidobacteria strains with acid, bile salt and oxygen tolerance and a method of their culture .  > view
Anti-inflamatory and Anti-aging Compounds of Topical Administration
New association compounds formulated as topical drugs (ointments, creams, balms) that act synergically to dramatically reduce anti-aging and inflammatory diseases.  > view
Screening for Angiogenic-Modulating
The technology relates to the use of teleost embryos to screen agents for angiogenic modulating activities and toxicity.  > view
Novel S-Acyl-Glutathione Derivatives as Anti-Free Radicals Compounds
Glutathione derivatives able to increase intracellular antioxidant defenses, useful in prophylaxis and therapy of Alzheimer’s and other diseases  > view
Mesoporous Compositions For Use In Oral Drug Delivery
Oral drug delivery and flavor-masking vehicles for vitamin E, K, D, other water-insoluble drugs and nutraceuticals using novel mesoporous compositions comprising vitamin E ...  > view
Drug for Osteoporosis & Bone Fracture
A pharmaceutical composition which can be used to prevent and treat bone fracture and osteoporosis.  > view
Technique to Detect Brain Disorders
Using labelled acyl-L-carnitine as a diagnostic agent.  > view
New Porphyrin Metal Complex
This metal complex can bind and release oxygen reversibly.  > view
Experimental Model Animal Patent Portfolio
Four different experimental model animals - developed for specific diseases  > view