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MEMS & Micromirrors
Micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) display devices - Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD)  > view
Formation of a Diamond Single Crystal
For use as a high-temperature semiconductor device, ultraviolet laser diode or transparent protective single crystal film with exceptional hardness.  > view
New Porphyrin Metal Complex
This metal complex can bind and release oxygen reversibly.  > view
Experimental Model Animal Patent Portfolio
Four different experimental model animals - developed for specific diseases  > view
Techniques to Produce Polyarylene and Polyacene Derivative
Provide extensive applications as electrically conductive material and resins.  > view
Gene Therapy Treatment for Solid Cancers, Fibrosis, Organ Transplant and more...
A cell specific duplication competent vector that does not affect normal adult cells but expresses a gene specifically to particular cells to self-replicate.  > view
New Enzyme Inhibitor for Preventing Cell Death
The technology prevents the cell death by preparing an inhibitor of this enzyme.  > view
Alcohol Resistant Emulsion
A monohydric alcohol containing oil/water emulsion  > view
Technique to Prepare Metallic Nanoparticle
Process for preparing mono-dispersed particles of metal like gold, platinum, palladium or silver.  > view
Technique for Inhibiting Cancer Cell Division
Provides a technique for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and a cancer growth inhibitor.  > view
Electronic Material with Benzodeazaadenine Derived Base
A nucleic acid containing a tailored nucleic acid base which has charge transportability equal to guanine and is resistant to oxidative decomposition.  > view
Diagnosis, Therapy & Prevention of Male Infertility
This technology also contributes to the detection and measurement of ED causing a risk of inducing low sperm count and reproductive dysfunction.  > view
Identify Abnormal Base Sequence in DNA or RNA
Ability to recognize and detect molecules that do not match  > view
Polyester With Distinctive Electrical Qualities
The polyester contains a fluorene residue in a side chain  > view
Preparing Composite Microcrystal for Functional Materials with Optical Characteristics
A technique for preparing an organic-inorganic hybrid fine crystal.  > view
Technique for Preparing a Silicone Compound
By polymerizing a linear silalkylenesiloxane  > view
Photoresponsive Polymer
A simple method to manufacture a crystal of ammonium carboxylate  > view
Single Crystal Thin Film Technology
A technique for flattening to an atomic level oxide crystal surfaces.  > view
Modified Amino Acid Sequence
Efficiently and selectively provides for the mass production of alloproteins.  > view