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LCD Television
Applicable for a liquid crystal display television fulfilling both wide viewing angle display and high transmittance in TN mode.  > view
MR Fluid Technology
Magnetorheological fluid where magnetic particles coated with a hydrophilic surfactant are dissolved in a water in oil emulsion  > view
OLED Patent Portfolio
Stable long life luminescent polymers that can efficiently emit light at a low voltage   > view
Semiconductor Wafer Immersion Cleaning
Technologies comprising complete immersive wafer cleaning systems and compelling new product line opportunity.  > view
Photonics Signaling for Highspeed Chip Communication, Clocking and Synchronization
Highly innovative inventions to integrate optical signals in a chip with minimal disruption to current manufacturing process which will improve performance and reduce ...  > view
Inhibitors of Staphylococcus
The technology is aimed at designing, synthesizing and recognizing potent inhibitors of SarA function, then using the inhibitors to treat staphylococcal infections.  > view
MEMS Display
MEMS actuated light modulators for use in display systems.  > view
MEMS Actuated Light Modulators
The patents in this portfolio relate to MEMS actuated light modulators for use in display systems.   > view
Deposition Technique for Heteroepitaxial Diamond
Diamond growth and a technique of nucleating and growing heteroepitaxial diamond thin films.  > view
Red-emitted thin-film OLED
A thin-film OLED device using iridium/azine complex.  > view
Making heteroepitaxial-silicon carbide film
A method for depositing heteroepitaxial -silicon carbide film on silicon using bias-assisted hot filament chemical vapor deposition  > view
Single Crystal Diamond Tips and Arrays Fabrication
The technology relates to the generation/fabrication of sharp single crystal diamond tips and their arrays.  > view
Thin-film Type OLED
The technology provides a thin-film type OLED with pure saturated red emission and with a narrow emission band.  > view
Silicon Nanowires and Nanoparticle Chains
Synthesizing high purity silicon nanowires and nanoparticle chains in bulk quantity.  > view
Liquid Crystal Projection Display
A number of LCD projector display system patents.  > view
Optical Memory Storage Material - Cyanine Dyes Mixture and Preparation
Cyanine dyes mixture employed as optical recording media.  > view
High Quality Projector - Light Source
Light source assemblies in digital projectors  > view
Electro Transparent-Mirror Technology
For Voltage Controlled Switching of Materials between a Mirror and a Transparent State  > view
Lighting & Display Technology
For LED & other Illuminated Displays, Panels, Dashboards etc.  > view
Mesoporous Compositions For Use In Oral Drug Delivery
Oral drug delivery and flavor-masking vehicles for vitamin E, K, D, other water-insoluble drugs and nutraceuticals using novel mesoporous compositions comprising vitamin E ...  > view