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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 109

Deposition Technique for Heteroepitaxial Diamond
Diamond growth and a technique of nucleating and growing heteroepitaxial diamond thin films.  > view
Making heteroepitaxial-silicon carbide film
A method for depositing heteroepitaxial -silicon carbide film on silicon using bias-assisted hot filament chemical vapor deposition  > view
Electronic All-Silicon Pressure Sensor & Assembly
MEMS integrated pressure sensor & ccts, plus low cost reliable stainless steel sensor assemblies  > view
Integrated Scrubber System for Ion Implanter
Abatement and scrubbing system for ion implanter   > view
Electron Beam Curing Technology
Apparatus and Methods for Curing Ink on a Substrate Using Scanning Electron Beam  > view
Manufacture Techniques for MEMS Structures and Optical Waveguides
International patent portfolio covers manufacturing methods for various MEMS structures with broad range of applications.   > view
Automated Modular Substrate Handling and Processing System
Automation system for handling and processing substartes in multi-chamber systems  > view
Technique For Forming Planar Lipid Double Membrane
Used in membrane protein analysis and for various equipment in this field.  > view
Color Wheel Patent Portfolio
Portfolio relating to the design and manufacture of color wheels  > view
Preparing Composite Microcrystal for Functional Materials with Optical Characteristics
A technique for preparing an organic-inorganic hybrid fine crystal.  > view
Functional Thin-Film Material
A technique of structuring a monomolecular film and overlaying equipment.  > view
Advanced Lithography using Optical and e-Beam Direct Write Technology
Optical and Electrical Direct Write technology used for Advanced Lithography Applications  > view
Semiconductor Fabrication Photo Resist Coating
Semiconductor fabrication photo resist coating  > view
Organic Semiconductor Thin Film
A substrate with organic thin film that can be grown two dimensionally.  > view
Superfine Magnetic Measurements Component
Manufacturing a superconducting quantum interference type magnetic fluxmeter .  > view
Integrated MEMS Fabrication Methods
Integrated fabrication steps to produce stiction free MEMS devices  > view
Vitamin B. Sub 12 Manufacturing Process
A low cost, effective technique for manufacturing vitamin B. sub 12.   > view
Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment, Techniques and Controls
Technique and equipment for cold wall chemical vapor deposition with unique controls  > view