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Lithium-Ion Battery Portfolio
Portfolio of Patents Have Priority Dates back to 2000  > view
Electrochemical Treatment of Biological Processes
Techniques and devices for electrical, chemical, electrochemical, and/or photochemical control of biological and biotechnological processes, e.g., treatment of cancer, benign tumors, ...  > view
Sampler and Concentrator for Aerosol Bio-detection Devices
Electrostatic sampler and concentrator for biological aerosols  > view
Device and methods for detecting the production of methamphetamine
Protect rental property investments by early warning sensing and alert of the production of methamphetamine - prevents contamination.  > view
Polymeric electrode, Lithium ion & other metal-free, quasi-solid state primary & secondary batteries
Consumer mobile sheet batteries & lightweight automotive batteries with high efficiency, capacity & voltage, and with chemically stable cycling.  > view
Gene Sequencing Inventions
Techniques for Complex Genetic and Molecular Information Analysis  > view
Composite of Matter for Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes
Innovative carbon nanotechnology solutions - new polymeric materials with many applications.  > view
Recycling of Used Tires and Carbon Black
Breaking down scrap tires to various end products.  > view
A parent patent for a family of patents, patent applications and other IP used to build-up a biomarker platform technology for use in ...  > view
Enzymatic diagnostic test for SARS and other viral diseases
Rapid detection of an active pathogen's enzyme in the host. Technology allows the detection of dangerous viruses, to prevent the spread of pandemics ...  > view
Food Waste Elimination Bin
A food waste elimination bin is a passive system that converts all food waste into fertilizer using nature's creatures available in the environment.   > view
Data Storage Apparatus, Systems, and Methods
Apparatus, systems, and methods that help to enhance and improve the availability, performance, and reliability of storage disk (disc) or storage tape systems.  > view
Regulation of Apotosis in Aquatic Organisms by Aquabirnvirus
It discloses a new IPNV infection mechanism in aquatic animal.   > view
Double Salt Effect
Innovative industrial transesterification catalysts (process)  > view
Unique Model for Screening Anti-Diabetic Compounds
The technology provides a method for generating insulin non-responsive skeletal muscle cell culture model to screen anti-diabetic compounds against insulin resistance.  > view
Identification and utilization of antibacterial agents
A technique of identifying the site of interaction between bacterial toxin and antitoxin polypeptides  > view
Manufacture Techniques for MEMS Structures
International patent portfolio covers manufacturing methods for various MEMS structures with broad range of applications.   > view
Cup Stacked Type Carbon Nanotube
A carbon nanotube having graphene sheet cup stacked structure that is obtained by floating reactant chemical vapor synthesis process.   > view
An electrode material for an electric double layer capacitor
An electrode material for an electric double layer capacitor and an electric double layer capacitor using the electrode material  > view
Efficient, Effective and Affordable Continuous Monitoring System of Drinking Water
Fast and cost effective monitoring of water purity enabling early warning and reporting problems on-line direct to the authorities  > view