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100% Biological-Based Food Grade Penetrating Oil Formula
Patented formula for biodiesel-based penetrating oil formula. It is especially effective on aluminum/steel bimetallic (galvanic) corrosion.  > view
Composition and Method for Treating Ulcers
An effective and efficient therapeutic compound for treatment of peptic ulcer disease, very safe and affordable.  > view
Ovenable Corrugated Baking Pan
Thermoformed paper corrugated baking pan - a recyclable container that can be used as the packaging container, baking pan and serving dish.   > view
Hamburger Holder - Packaging for a Better Burger Experience
The hamburger holder holds the burger together, prevents spills and mess while eating, providing "a better burger experience".  > view
Decorate Cakes or Food Items With Fresh Flowers -- Held in Water!
Novel device allows anyone to decorate cakes (or other food products) using fresh flowers which the device holds -- in water -- on ...  > view
Multiplex PCR for the Detection of Dairy Bateriophages in Dairy Samples
Simple and rapid multiplex PCR method that, in a single reaction, detects the presence of bacteriophages infecting Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus delbrueckii.  > view
Detection of microorganisms by non-invasive quality evaluation in packed milk
Non-invasive analysis and detection of micro-organisms in dairy products contained in laminated paper or carton containers, using elastic waves by means of dry ...  > view
Industrial-scale soy bean sprouting process and composition
The world’s first high yield, industrial-scale soy bean sprouting process with a unique patented composition.   > view
Interchangeable Multipurpose Portable Cooking Apparatus
A portable cooking apparatus offers 10 separate functions, including stove, grill, slow cooker, steamer, poacher, chip fryer, fondue, smoker, bain marie, Chinese wok, optional ...  > view
Therapeutic Approaches for Skeletal Muscle Degeneration in Human Diseases
Formulations are provided for treating adverse effects of skeletal muscle degerative human diseases and conditions. They include Stress Hormones(Jasmonates) and Antioxidant Biomolecules.  > view
Enzymatic Oil Degumming
Oil degumming is carried out enzymatically without emulsification. It not only simplifies the processing scheme, but also provides better phosphorus level control in ...  > view
Dietary Supplement for Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis and Osteopenia
Enhanced biochemical and biological features, that are extracted by non-chemical process  > view
Anti-depression and Anti Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
Banana peel is used help with depression and AMD  > view
Beverage Packaging and Container
Spill free one time use pre-filled beverage package for use by e.g. drive-through restaurants, bars, institutions etc.  > view
Healthy Food Method
Genetic register and taxonomic identification of animal species in food samples - tool with diverse applications in the food industry  > view
Hygienic Transparent Lid for Beverage Tin Cans
A completely transparent lid made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) adapting to the drinks tins.  > view
Flexible Packaging for Doses of Mayo, Ketchup, Vinagrete, Salad Dressings, Condensed Milk
Patented single dose packets for fluid and pasty products such as mayo, ketchup and all types of sauces and dressings can be served ...  > view
Food Preservation Technology Utilizing High Pressure Processing
Manufacturing process that uses high pressure processing ("HPP") to reduce spoilage in foods containing dairy cultures, resulting in increased shelf life and enabling ...  > view
Bifidobacteria Strains with Tolerance to Acid, Bile Salt and Oxygen
The present invention relates to development of Bifidobacteria strains with acid, bile salt and oxygen tolerance and a method of their culture .  > view
Novel S-Acyl-Glutathione Derivatives as Anti-Free Radicals Compounds
Glutathione derivatives able to increase intracellular antioxidant defenses, useful in prophylaxis and therapy of Alzheimer’s and other diseases  > view