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Point of Use Water Purification Device
Ultrafiltration of water is performed through the external skin of a spring loaded flexible container. This concept is characterized by low cost and ...  > view
Universal Structural Element
The invention describes a universal structural element for the purpose of forming three-dimensional structures/buildings  > view
Upconverting Nanoparticles for Authentication, Biological & Solar Applications
Ssynthesis, characterization and spectroscopy of upconverting lanthanide-doped NaYF4 nanoparticles or nanocrystals (NCs).  > view
Sampler and Concentrator for Aerosol Bio-detection Devices
Electrostatic sampler and concentrator for biological aerosols  > view
Removal of Heavy Metals from Waterways and Great Ships
A method of removal of all heavy metals from water, and the removal of microbes and metals from all the great ships  > view
Gene Sequencing Inventions
Techniques for Complex Genetic and Molecular Information Analysis  > view
Water-Saving Mixer Tap
New ecological faucets that recycles the cold water present in the pipes to save an average of 10 gal of water/day/house while ...  > view
Pier delivering high profitability real estate & all its utilities
The pier consists of a foundation for multistorey buildings combined with large scale Ice Thermal Storage relevant to Data Centers, District Cooling & large ...  > view
A parent patent for a family of patents, patent applications and other IP used to build-up a biomarker platform technology for use in ...  > view
Solid-Core Waterproof Laminate
Commercial flooring and many other uses in the RV and other industries.  > view
Enzymatic diagnostic test for SARS and other viral diseases
Rapid detection of an active pathogen's enzyme in the host. Technology allows the detection of dangerous viruses, to prevent the spread of pandemics ...  > view
Food Waste Elimination Bin
A food waste elimination bin is a passive system that converts all food waste into fertilizer using nature's creatures available in the environment.   > view
Wind Energy Harnessing Patent
Unique, advanced design for low cost, high output, energy generation.  > view
Regulation of Apotosis in Aquatic Organisms by Aquabirnvirus
It discloses a new IPNV infection mechanism in aquatic animal.   > view
Pillow Anti-Deformation Code
Pillow deformation is only a history of pillow evolution in the future.  > view
Unique Model for Screening Anti-Diabetic Compounds
The technology provides a method for generating insulin non-responsive skeletal muscle cell culture model to screen anti-diabetic compounds against insulin resistance.  > view
Identification and utilization of antibacterial agents
A technique of identifying the site of interaction between bacterial toxin and antitoxin polypeptides  > view
Underground Material Dispenser
A unique subterranean material dispensing device which easily inserts into the ground and has a wide dispersion radius for effectively delivering material both ...  > view
Green Tech Portfolio: Rigid sails of variable profile
A rigid sail with a aeronautical profile that can be used both to drive a sail ship (actin as a sail as such), ...  > view