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Ultra light-weight, foldable, electric scooter
An ultra light-weight, foldable, electric scooter which could revolutionize urban traffic.  > view
Solid-Core Waterproof Laminate
Commercial flooring and many other uses in the RV and other industries.  > view
Packaging Method for Cable - Dispenser system
Designed to assist repair workshops with better control of stock, as well as easy use and storage of cable stock.   > view
System for cleaning of windshields of motor vehicles
The invention constitutes a vehicle cleaning system designed to remove rain and debris from a windshields or a headlight on a vehicle and ...  > view
Constant Torque IC Engine
Unlike existing engines producing sine wave torque, this engine produces maximum possible torque continuously.  > view
Hand Propelled Device to Heat Up All Fluids
Through the use of kinetic energy, a small electrical current is generated to heat up liquids, gels, oils and cremes, up to approx 3 ...  > view
Positive Displacement Turbine - a new IC engine concept
Positive displacement turbine ‘s engines produce six times the mechanically power and additionally convert 75 % of fuels thermal energy discarded into the atmosphere by ...  > view
Novel Car Alarm Based upon OLED Technology and Bystander Interaction
A car alarm based upon use of transparent OLEDs affixed to a car's surface or windows flashing messages to bystanders  > view
Energy Recovery System with Friction Cylinders
Recovery energy system located at pavement level from any vehicle transited road, that allows by friction, of wheels/tyres, with rolling cylinders the ...  > view
Gas Cushion for Transportation of Glass and other Fragile Thin Flat Panels
Fragile glass sheets and other substrates moved without abrasion or damaging contact with rollers.  > view
Technology for High Current (700A), Rapid Charging Battery Module
A patent pending thermal management and control technology for developing rapid charge battery modules for electric vehicles and grid storage.  > view
Semiconductor Wafer Immersion Cleaning
Technologies comprising complete immersive wafer cleaning systems and compelling new product line opportunity.  > view
Using Power from Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
Feeding the Grid or Powering Consumer & Industrial Appliances  > view
Secondary Headlight System
In the event of a blown low-beam headlight, the mating high-beam bulb will illuminate at or near the same intensity of the low-beam.  > view
Motorcycle Hydraulic Parking Brake
Easily installs on the motorcycle master cylinder with no modification of existing equipment. With a flip of the lever the brake is locked.  > view
Truck Loading and Unloading Apparatus
Loading and unloading device for any flat bed or cargo area  > view
Retractable Load Support System
The System is designed to support a load during transport on a flat bed trailer. It is engineered to allow merchandise to be ...  > view
A Constant Mesh Clutch
An innovation clutch for automobile  > view
Child Car Seat & Safety Restraint
With electronic sensors and warning display.  > view