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Prevention of Distracted Driving
Accurate software program that restricts the operator of any moving vehicle from using their mobile device while allowing all other passengers unrestricted use ...  > view
M* Path Finding Algorithm
Path Finding Algorithm that is generally faster than Dijkstra/A* with ability to find next-step without computation of full path.  > view
Dynamic Traffic Light System
Cost-effective traffic light for colorblind drivers and system for resolving the dilemma zone  > view
New Aero-space Transportation Patent
A new Areo-space transportation drive is claimed with defined thrust, defined efficiency and defined steerability performance   > view
Cost-effective Nodal Construction System for Load-bearing Lattice Structures
Assembly is fast and simple; it does not require any tools, bolts, gusset plates, welding, or glue. The bars or tubes become self-clamped ...  > view
Tri-Wing System for Reduction of Aerodynamic Drag-Ground Vehicles
A tri-wing system comprises one or more wings designed to redirect airflow toward low pressure areas behind the ground vehicle to reduce fuel ...  > view
100% Biological-Based Food Grade Penetrating Oil Formula
Patented formula for biodiesel-based penetrating oil formula. It is especially effective on aluminum/steel bimetallic (galvanic) corrosion.  > view
Display Area Co-filtering for Privacy and Glare
Display enhancement, to selectively obscure display images viewed through a window, and/or to mitigate sunlight glare.  > view
Wide Angle Side View Mirror for Large Vehicles
A wide view "West Coast" style side mirror that effectively minimizes the "Blind Zones" for drivers of Commercial Trucks, Motor Coaches, Buses, RV's ...  > view
Fusion Energy Patent Portfolio for Sale
The US and all International patents issued or pending are included in this sale  > view
Automatic Snow Chains Device for a Vehicle
Automatic device designed to attach and remove snow chains from inside a vehicle using a single button.  > view
A Rear Mounted Hauler for a Vehicle
Hydraulic powered machine that lifts and hauls, to transport cargo, motorcyles etc. up to 1000lb.  > view
Retroreflective Sheeting and Structures with Enhanced Conspicuity and Long-Range Visibility
Passive retroreflective structures that display dynamic visual effects in variable-brightness without using any power source.   > view
Driver Alertness Monitoring
A visual system for detecting alertness and vigilance of persons under conditions of fatigue, lack of sleep, alcohol and drugs.  > view
Breakthrough, Contractible Shipping Containers
Contractible shipping containers will revolutionize the shipping industry for many companies shipping liquids, semi-viscous and certain food products.  > view
Automotive Headlight and LED Lighting Portfolio
This patent cover automotive lighting and general lighting  > view
Vehicle Rugged Computer Laptop and Tablet Mount.
User friendly, ergonomic vehicle rugged laptop, tablet mount. High tech design. One hand manipulation.  > view