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100% Biological-Based Food Grade Penetrating Oil Formula
Patented formula for biodiesel-based penetrating oil formula. It is especially effective on aluminum/steel bimetallic (galvanic) corrosion.  > view
Display Area Co-filtering for Privacy and Glare
Display enhancement, to selectively obscure display images viewed through a window, and/or to mitigate sunlight glare.  > view
Fusion Energy Patent Portfolio for Sale
The US and all International patents issued or pending are included in this sale  > view
De-Icing Aircraft Wings and Wind Turbines
4 Families, 42 patent assets and 1 prototype related to De-icing Aerodynamic Structures  > view
Quieter Hyper-Axial Flow Wheel or Impeller (peripheral tunnel propeller)
An impeller or wheel that moves a fluid avoiding liquefying or centrifugation of the fluid, also provides quieter, stronger and safer operation.  > view
Mobile Portfolio - Geolocation
Geolocation solutions for calculating distances between wireless nodes, including the RTT between a node to be positioned and a reference node.  > view
Nanocomposite materials containing polymer binders.
This team of scientists have managed to create nanotorus particles and also defined the processes to make it available for mass production of ...  > view
Vehicle Weight and Cargo Load Determination Using Tire Pressure
A simple, innovative, affordable and widely applicable on-board weigh scale system, through tire pressure differential. Any pneumatically wheeled vehicle could be equipped with ...  > view
Accurate Estimate of a Mobile Device's Location
Through any transmitted signals using an algorithm/business method/software, accurately locate a mobile device in x,y,z or longitude, latitude and ...  > view
Water Soluble and Dissolvable Tape or Blanket Filled with Paint Remover
The tape is made from PVOH, A water soluble film (much the same as the soluble plastic you find on a dishwasher soap ...  > view
Sliding Mode Observer based Antilock Braking Patents for Aircraft and Heavy Land Vehicles
Patented Antilock Brake System (ABS) Employing a Sliding Mode Observer Estimate of Differential Wheel Torque.  > view
Unique Portfolio of Vertical Wind Tunnel Patents
Wind tunnel with a tripple air loop that minimizes air friction and loss of charge. The power consumption is lowered to a minimum ...  > view
Wind Energy Harnessing Patent
Unique, advanced design for low cost, high output, energy generation.  > view
Hybrid Convertible Aircraft - UAV and manned
Vertical take-off and landing aircraft that uses a particular double-cardan transmission system and a particular clutch to transition between modes in a rapid, ...  > view
Aircraft Landing Gear Patents
A lower split bearing and electrical harness for aircraft landing gear systems.  > view
Motion Assisting Equipment
A device which when attached to an object imparts motions.  > view
Mobile Broadband Satellite Antenna
Simple feed network & low cost & low profile multi-panel broadband antenna  > view
Revolutionary Pressurized Door/Window
A door closure system for a round pressurized vessel that requires no doorframe structure to maintain doorframe rigidity.   > view
Vertical Take Off and Landing with Fixed Wing Speed and Efficiency
Creates a hybrid aircraft that combines the best attributes of helicopters with the best attributes of fixed wing aircraft   > view