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Physics : Electromagnetism

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Patents & Technology Available

Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 374

Antenna Technology - Portable and Mobile Devices
Antenna design and assembly technology useful for multi-band wireless communication.  > view
RF MEMS Technology, IPs & Patents divestiture
Ground breaking advances in RF MEMs switch technology and products  > view
Mobile Broadband Satellite Antenna
Simple feed network & low cost & low profile multi-panel broadband antenna  > view
Quantum Processor Device
Uses a nuclear spin system in-solid applicable for a quantum computer.  > view
Organic Semiconductor Thin Film
A substrate with organic thin film that can be grown two dimensionally.  > view
Superfine Magnetic Measurements Component
Manufacturing a superconducting quantum interference type magnetic fluxmeter .  > view
Cell Phone and GPS Patents
Sixteen U.S. patents available for sale.  > view
Network Communication Portfolio
36 US Network Patents for Sale  > view
Oxide High Temperature Superconductor
with outstanding high-frequency properties.  > view
Equipment for Manufacturing Semiconductor
Means of fabricating composite clusters  > view
Electrophoresis Technique
High speed and sensitive electrophoresis technique for analyzing macro-molecular compounds.  > view
Nonpolluting, Noise-free Thermo-Electric Cooler Technology
Solid-state thermoelectric coolers - provide unprecedented efficiency.  > view
Polymer with Distinctive Optical Properties
A polymer compound may be used as an ultra-violet light transparent material  > view
Wide-band Antenna
used for receiving an image  > view
Strong Ceramic Composition Technology
A functional material for electronics, computers and information technology, biotechnology and medical electronics.  > view
Wet Solar Cell Technology
Efficient photoelectric transformation using a photoresponsive electrode.  > view
Micro-ElectroMechanical System (MEMS) Device Patent
Wireless & RF Switching Device Design & Manufacturing   > view
Electron Beam Direct Writing of Semiconductor Wafers
apparatus and method of direct e-beam write of semiconductor wafers   > view
Improved control over the dimensions of a patterned photo-resist
Control over the dimensions of a patterned photo-resist to better control the critical dimensions of fabricated devices  > view
Laser Pattern Generation and Control
Patent portfolio for generating and controlling laser patterns.  > view