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Physics : Electromagnetism

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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 374

Automotive Engine Patents
Portfolio covers themostats, fuel filters, exhaust manifolds.  > view
Optical Memory Storage Material - Cyanine Dyes Mixture and Preparation
Cyanine dyes mixture employed as optical recording media.  > view
Ozone Generator
An ozone generator with the means for reducing the production of NO.sub.x.  > view
Logic Controlled Cassette Tape Device
A power transmission and mode changing device for a new logic controlled cassette tape recording/reproducing equipment using a partially-toothed cam assemblage.   > view
High pressure, High Temperature Cushioning Material
Cushioning material with temperature-resistant staple fibers  > view
Disk Drive Systems
Disk Cartridge & Array Systems  > view
Piezo-Electric Technology
Large movement for a given voltage  > view
Electro Transparent-Mirror Technology
For Voltage Controlled Switching of Materials between a Mirror and a Transparent State  > view
MEMS Technology
RF Switches & Sensors  > view
Storage Disk Drive
Hard Disk Systems (HDD)  > view
RFID Security For Golf Clubs
Electronic tracing and/or serialization  > view
Electron Beam Lithography
Convert multiple optical beams to electron beams for the purpose of direct write using a photocathode.  > view
RFID Tag Technology
IC & Antenna Connectivity and Power Generation  > view
2/3D Graphics & Image Display plus related I/O Port Technology
Display Graphics, Audio, Video & Image processing & Acceleration plus Gaming and Display system Semiconductor ICs & Systems  > view
DVD Copy Protection
Optical Disk Drive Media & Data Copy Protection  > view
Battery Circuitry and Backup Power
Battery circuits and system designs including back-up power and battery contact design  > view
Battery Circuitry and Backup Power Technologies
Enhancements of system designs not only for generic batteries but also for back-up power and battery contact designs.  > view
Ink Jet Printing
Inkjet printers in spray mode - bubble valves & magnetically actuated valves to control ink flow.  > view
MEMS & Micromirrors
Micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) display devices - Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD)  > view