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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 374

Infrared Sensor
Integrated thermopile infrared transducer and signal processing ccts.  > view
Device For Ultra High Frequency Radio Frequency Identification
The technology relates to the read range controlling device for ultra high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID).  > view
EMI & ESD Protection
The patents in this portfolio relate to technologies in electronic devices.  > view
Ultrahard Coating comprising Diamond and cBN
Ultra-hard/smooth multilayer coating (MLC) made of nanodiamond and nanocrystalline cubic boron nitride.  > view
Planar EMI Filter
A planar EMI filter suitable for use with ultra-high frequency power converters.  > view
Concrete Reinforcement
Improved means of reinforcing concrete structures.  > view
Complementary Wideband Antenna
Complementary antenna comprising of a planar dipole and a shorted patch antenna in electrical sense.  > view
Wide bandwidth Patch Antenna
The technology relates to a patch antenna with a relatively wide bandwidth (WB) and low cross-polarization.  > view
Deposition Technique for Heteroepitaxial Diamond
Diamond growth and a technique of nucleating and growing heteroepitaxial diamond thin films.  > view
Fast Solution of Wave Propagation Integral Equation
The technology relates to fast solution of integral equations representing wave propagation.  > view
Twin-L-Probe-Coupled Patch Antenna
It relates to a twin-L-probe-coupled patch antenna structure with high gain and wide band characteristics.  > view
Red-emitted thin-film OLED
A thin-film OLED device using iridium/azine complex.  > view
OLED With Rare-Earth Metal Containing Cathode
A transparent rare-earth metal containing electron-injecting electrodes for use with OLED device  > view
Red-Emitting OLED Devices
A new class of red-emitting luminescent materials for use in OLED devices.  > view
Making Cubic Boron Nitride/Diamond Composite Layer
A technique for synthesizing a composite films with cubic boron nitride on top and diamond beneath.  > view
Thin-film Type OLED
The technology provides a thin-film type OLED with pure saturated red emission and with a narrow emission band.  > view
Temperature Control in Microwave Processing
The technology relates to method for temperature control in microwave processing of materials.  > view
OLED with Improved Hole Injection
The technology relates to the fabrication of an organic electroluminescent device (OLED) with improved luminescent efficiency.  > view
Wideband Patch Antenna
Relates to a wideband patch antenna design with an L-shaped probe.  > view