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Physics : Electromagnetism

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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 374

Three Patents for Luminescent Gels, Fibers, Inks and Moldable Resins
Luminescent polymers, fillers and pigments used for gel coatings, casting, fibers, fiberglass plastic (FRP) and inks.  > view
1 Terabyte 4th generation Optical Disk Storage
Up to 20 layer low cost optical disc media technology needs only read / write head head modification  > view
DVD Patents
DVD Patents  > view
Data Storage Apparatus, Systems, and Methods
Apparatus, systems, and methods that help to enhance and improve the availability, performance, and reliability of storage disk (disc) or storage tape systems.  > view
Automated Music Portfolio Builder
No talk. No commercials. Just your favourite music from the radio.  > view
Sleep Apnea Technology
The technology provides a technique for treating snoring or sleep apnea.  > view
Printed Circuit Boards
EMC reduction, impedance control of highspeed signals, board connectors solutions and assemblies, etc.  > view
Patent portfolio covering mobile phone components
Portfolio covering antennas, EMI shielding, connectors  > view
Gas Cushion for Transportation of Glass and other Fragile Thin Flat Panels
Fragile glass sheets and other substrates moved without abrasion or damaging contact with rollers.  > view
OLED Patent Portfolio
Stable long life luminescent polymers that can efficiently emit light at a low voltage   > view
Multi-Beam Patent Portfolio for Accurate High-Speed Placement and Overlay
Field-proven technologies for correcting critical dimension errors including uniformity and linearity errors arising from multiple sources with an emphasis on real-time computations during ...  > view
Manufacture Techniques for MEMS Structures
International patent portfolio covers manufacturing methods for various MEMS structures with broad range of applications.   > view
Portable Inexpensive Rugged Memory Device
Multiplexing and modulating techniques  > view
Fiber Optic Data Transmission Technology
High throughput system ideal for data and telecommunication applications.  > view
Telecommunication Patent Portfolio
US issued patents and several foreign patents in the field of antenna, mobile multimedia, navigation, radiation and security technology  > view
Cup Stacked Type Carbon Nanotube
A carbon nanotube having graphene sheet cup stacked structure that is obtained by floating reactant chemical vapor synthesis process.   > view
Carbon Fiber for a Fuel Cell with Catalytic Metal Support
A carbon fiber with catalytic metal support is a carbon fiber in which numerous hexagonal carbon layers in the shape of a cup ...  > view
Optical Disk Technology
These patents cover some of key area for DVD system including one Digital TV patent.  > view
Storage - Autochanger
Seven U.S. patents relating to storage autochangers  > view