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Image Splitting Device
An image splitting color meter to advance the uniformity of light with a high efficiency.  > view
Optical Memory Storage Material - Cyanine Dyes Mixture and Preparation
Cyanine dyes mixture employed as optical recording media.  > view
Laser Interferometer System
High stability laser interferometer system without periodic nonlinearity, for displacement and straightness measurements   > view
Projector System
Image enhancement, all in one projector + media player, screens and other assemblies  > view
Display Technology
Monitors, Projectors & Other Displays  > view
Electron Beam Lithography
Convert multiple optical beams to electron beams for the purpose of direct write using a photocathode.  > view
MEMS & Micromirrors
Micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) display devices - Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD)  > view
Laser Printing
Equipment design & implentation, materials and print process technologies  > view
High Throughput Defect Analysis Technology
Improve productivity of defect analysis using unique marking methods   > view
High Lateral Resolution On line Measurement of Semiconductor Wafers/Integrated Circuits
Provides the ability to estimate the thickness profile of a sample consisting of a multilayer thin film on a substrate.   > view
Mask and Wafer Pattern Correction Strategy
Advance pattern correction technology mainly for semiconductor applications  > view
Advanced Mask and Wafer Writing Technology
Advance pattern generatrion technology mainly for semiconductor applications  > view
Photon Beam & Photon Pair Generating Devices
Applications include a quantum cryptographic communications system, a quantum computation system, an analysis system or a similar system using light.  > view
Color Wheel Patent Portfolio
Portfolio relating to the design and manufacture of color wheels  > view
Portfolio of Laser Distance Surveying Instruments Patents
Extensive portfolio covering the use of laser for distance measuring  > view
Laser Microprocessing Device
Allows chemical adjustment and processing of the surface of a particle or a microcapsule using the radiation of laser beams.  > view
Advanced Lithography using Optical and e-Beam Direct Write Technology
Optical and Electrical Direct Write technology used for Advanced Lithography Applications  > view
Image Processing
Eighteen U.S. patents and their family of international counterparts for sale.  > view