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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 176

Portfolio of Laser Distance Surveying Instruments Patents
Extensive portfolio covering the use of laser for distance measuring  > view
Iris Recognition
Iris or other biometric access to data, transactions or facilities  > view
New Diffraction Chromogenic Film
High-luminance opal-like diffraction chromogenic film without a dead angle.  > view
Power & Management Technology
PC, Server & other electronic equipment components and system hardware.   > view
Camera and Mobile Technology
Sixteen U.S. patents and their family of international counterparts available for sale.  > view
Means and Device for Measuring the Phase of an Optical Signal
Concurrently measuring the amplitude and phase of an optical signal.  > view
Single Crystal Thin Film Technology
A technique for flattening to an atomic level oxide crystal surfaces.  > view
Light Pulse Generation - Ultra-Wide Band
Valuable for optical information transmission processing and optical computers.  > view
Improved capacity and transmission speed for optical communication
Novel technique transfers ultra short light pulse signal into a 2D space signal.   > view
Technology Used for Optical Computer Tomography
A heterodyne receptor method able to detect with high resolution information light buried in scattered light, plus the ability of visualizing optical transmission ...  > view
Optical Communication Network Technology
A technology that aids the advancement of optical communication networks  > view
Actuators, Motors, and Holonomic Robotic Platform Patent Portfolio for Sale
Actuators, motors, and holonomic robotic platforms driven by oscillatory transducers.  > view
Holography Duplication Equipment For Moving Images
Color moving images can also be duplicated.  > view
Digital Light Processing (DLP) Micromirror Patent Portfolio
MEMS Device Design & Manufacturing IP for Rear Projection TV, HDTV & other Projector Displays  > view
Laser Pattern Generation and Control
Patent portfolio for generating and controlling laser patterns.  > view
System and Equipment for Producing a Hologram
A hologram exposure process, records a hologram on a recording substrate  > view
Fast, Non-contact, In-situ temperature sensor 220C - 1200C
Fast, non-contact, in-situ temperature sensor in a range of 220-1200'C. A proven highly sensitive system for fast, accurate and precise temperature control.  > view
System for Process Variation Monitor
A method to extend the process monitoring capabilities of a semiconductor wafer optical inspection system...  > view
Method and Apparatus for Inspection of Patterned Semiconductor Wafers
A method and apparatus for inspecting a wafer surface to detect the presence of exposed conductive material...  > view