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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 176

Automotive Mirror Technology to Eliminate Blind Spot
Automotive safety side view mirrors   > view
UL Approved, Field Tested & Patented LED Multi-Chip Array
Light engine & luminaire mass production technologies ready for mass production   > view
Heat Therapy Patent
Treats below-skin tissue via light and heat.  > view
Optical Network
A portfolio of 17 issued US patents and 30+ international counterparts for optical networks  > view
Display Technologies
A portfolio of US and international counterparts  > view
LED Patents
Light emitting Diode - Chip technology   > view
3D Technology
Capture images with two cameras and display accordingly based on the image calculation (by algorithm)  > view
3D Graphics & Display
3D LCD display viewed with or without passive glasses for video, gaming, TVs etc.  > view
Optical Switching Portfolio
Group of light-modulating switching patents for optical networks.  > view
Photonics Signaling for Highspeed Chip Communication, Clocking and Synchronization
Highly innovative inventions to integrate optical signals in a chip with minimal disruption to current manufacturing process which will improve performance and reduce ...  > view
Personal Display Technology
Diffractive planar optics convert an optically transparent plate into a complete, light-weight wearable viewing system.  > view
Optical Disk Technology
These patents cover some of key area for DVD system including one Digital TV patent.  > view
MEMS Display
MEMS actuated light modulators for use in display systems.  > view
MEMS Actuated Light Modulators
The patents in this portfolio relate to MEMS actuated light modulators for use in display systems.   > view
Projector Camera System Auto-Calibration
A technique for the automatic calibration of a vision system such as a projector and a camera.   > view
Rare Earth Doped Polymeric Waveguide Amplifiers
The technology relates to the fabrication of optical amplifiers/fibre/lasers with their core materials to be polymers.  > view
Barcode Imaging and Reader
Multi-spectral imaging for identification, coding, sorting and reading of objects.   > view
Optical Source for Photodynamic Therapy
Optical source for use in photodynamic therapy and photomedicine  > view
Hardware, Software & Component  > view