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Audio, Speech, Health monitoring and Therapy
Patents relating to audio, speech and noise reduction technology found in today's wireless communications systems, as well as technology found in health monitoring ...  > view
Fusion Energy Patent Portfolio for Sale
The US and all International patents issued or pending are included in this sale  > view
Integrated Electrochemical Reactor and Process
A small vacuum electrochemical reactor that can convert solution-phase materials to gas-phase materials.   > view
Electrochemical Treatment of Biological Processes
Techniques and devices for electrical, chemical, electrochemical, and/or photochemical control of biological and biotechnological processes, e.g., treatment of cancer, benign tumors, ...  > view
Powerful Ultrafast and Robust Control Algorithm
This algorithm simultaneously optimizes the time and frequency response of feedback control systems.  > view
Authentic Reproduction of Acoustic Signal
The patented method may be applied to the reproduction of the acoustic signal in an audio reproduction room substantially identical to the original ...  > view
Digital Rights Management
International Patent Portfolio Securing Digital Content on Smartphones and other Devices  > view
Device for Shutting Off Power Supply to Electrical Equipment in Flammable/Explosive Places - Coal Mine
A signal is sent out to a safety and monitoring unit to cut off the power supply and provide an alarm before screwing ...  > view
Geographic Information System
Four U.S. patents and their international counterparts.  > view
Mobile Gaming Patent for Interacting with TV Shows & Commercials
Entertaining patented mobile game for mobile/cellphone interaction with broadcast and other media  > view
System Identification Technique
A time varying system identification process.  > view
Automotive OEM Paint Operations SPC Software
Statistical SPC software specifically configured for automotive painting operations.  > view
Coating Automation & Robotics - Industrial Paint Applicator Profit Center Analysis
Patent addresses fiscal impact of process drifts associated with coating automation  > view
Fiscal Conversion of Film Thickness Statistical Index: Cpk
All industries that measure Film Thickness as a parameter may fiscally convert, benchmark and forecast its manufacturing performance and product quality by measuring ...  > view
Multi-Beam Patent Portfolio for Accurate High-Speed Placement and Overlay
Field-proven technologies for correcting critical dimension errors including uniformity and linearity errors arising from multiple sources with an emphasis on real-time computations during ...  > view
Manufacture Techniques for MEMS Structures
International patent portfolio covers manufacturing methods for various MEMS structures with broad range of applications.   > view
Printed Circuit Boards
The patents in this portfolio relate to printed circuit boards (PCBs).  > view
Manufacturing Automation Products
Technology backed by patents and know-how for manufacturing execution system, framework, reporting, dispatching, and equipment management products   > view