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Cost-effective Nodal Construction System for Load-bearing Lattice Structures
Assembly is fast and simple; it does not require any tools, bolts, gusset plates, welding, or glue. The bars or tubes become self-clamped ...  > view
Heat Treatment of Wood with Bioesters Derived from Used Vegetal Oils and Animal Fat
A new process of heat treatment using bioesters commonly called biodiesel as heat vector to dry and treat wood.  > view
Water Soluble and Dissolvable Tape or Blanket Filled with Paint Remover
The tape is made from PVOH, A water soluble film (much the same as the soluble plastic you find on a dishwasher soap ...  > view
Advanced Composite Material
This material is composed of a substratum of reticulated foam to which is grafted a unique hydrogel polymer.  > view
Semiconducto Devices and Manufacture
Display Panels, Nanodevices & ICs  > view
Biodegradable Sanitary Sheets Made of Waste Paper
An improved smudge free sanitary sheet made of waste paper and a process of preparing the same through processing the surplus newsprint and ...  > view
Gas Cushion for Transportation of Glass and other Fragile Thin Flat Panels
Fragile glass sheets and other substrates moved without abrasion or damaging contact with rollers.  > view
Semiconductor Fabrication Portfolio
Portfolio of semiconductor fabrication processes  > view
Semiconductor Wafer Immersion Cleaning
Technologies comprising complete immersive wafer cleaning systems and compelling new product line opportunity.  > view
Manufacture Techniques for MEMS Structures
International patent portfolio covers manufacturing methods for various MEMS structures with broad range of applications.   > view
Cup Stacked Type Carbon Nanotube
A carbon nanotube having graphene sheet cup stacked structure that is obtained by floating reactant chemical vapor synthesis process.   > view
Concrete Reinforcement
Improved means of reinforcing concrete structures.  > view
FEFE Plasma-based Ion Implantation
A technique for Focused Electric Field Enhanced (FEFE) Plasma-based Ion Implantation (FEFE-PBII).  > view
Deposition Technique for Heteroepitaxial Diamond
Diamond growth and a technique of nucleating and growing heteroepitaxial diamond thin films.  > view
Electronic All-Silicon Pressure Sensor & Assembly
MEMS integrated pressure sensor & ccts, plus low cost reliable stainless steel sensor assemblies  > view
Plastic Floor Tile - Automated Embossing Tool
The embossing tool automates embossing, providing superior stability and accuracy, increasing productivity and efficiency.   > view
RFID Tag Technology
IC & Antenna Connectivity and Power Generation  > view
Electron Beam Curing Technology
Apparatus and Methods for Curing Ink on a Substrate Using Scanning Electron Beam  > view