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New Aero-space Transportation Patent
A new Areo-space transportation drive is claimed with defined thrust, defined efficiency and defined steerability performance   > view
wind energy turbine shell station, (high-rise wind farms)
Generate wind power on high-rises farms, higher wind speed and wider perational range with variable frequency WT store the power in Hydrogen or ...  > view
De-Icing Aircraft Wings and Wind Turbines
4 Families, 42 patent assets and 1 prototype related to De-icing Aerodynamic Structures  > view
Electric Machine with Non-Coaxial Rotors
Broad configuration options for motors or motor/generators with dual or multiple rotors and electronic controls. Applications for electric/hybrid vehicles and industrial ...  > view
Mobile / Cloud / GUI / Media Streaming Portfolio
Unencumbered Portfolio with Extensive Package of EOU  > view
Automotive Electronics Portfolio
In-car use of smartphone for online radio and other applications.  > view
Motorcycle Hydraulic Parking Brake
Easily installs on the motorcycle master cylinder with no modification of existing equipment. With a flip of the lever the brake is locked.  > view
Child Car Seat & Safety Restraint
With electronic sensors and warning display.  > view
Linear Motor Technology and Products
Linear motor design and manufacturing technology including magnetic tracks  > view
Linear Motor with Translational Motion
A linear motor with an integrated screw mechanism that switches rotational motion to translational motion using an electromagnetic force power device.  > view
Aircraft Landing Gear Patents
A lower split bearing and electrical harness for aircraft landing gear systems.  > view
Remote Generator Control
A portable electric power generator is started and stopped by a wireless or hardwired remote control and includes a warning for persons near ...  > view
Vertical Take Off and Landing with Fixed Wing Speed and Efficiency
Creates a hybrid aircraft that combines the best attributes of helicopters with the best attributes of fixed wing aircraft   > view
Light Weight High Performance Propeller/Rotor
A much lighter, more efficient, less expensive and entirely new structural design.   > view
Apparatus for electro-chemical deposition with thermal anneal chamber
An electro-chemical deposition system that is designed with a flexible architecture that is expandable to accommodate future designs rules and gap fill requirements ...  > view
Calibration Tool
A method and apparatus for determining a position of an object.  > view
Feature-based defect detection
Detection of defects in patterned substrates, such as semiconductor wafers, particularly based on features in voltage-contrast images.   > view