Industrial Electronics : Test & Measurement

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Patents & Technology Available

Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 196

Manufacture Techniques for MEMS Structures
International patent portfolio covers manufacturing methods for various MEMS structures with broad range of applications.   > view
Diffraction Analysis and Diffractometer
A new x-ray diffractometer for analysis of material.   > view
Storage - Autochanger
Seven U.S. patents relating to storage autochangers  > view
Efficient, Effective and Affordable Continuous Monitoring System of Drinking Water
Fast and cost effective monitoring of water purity enabling early warning and reporting problems on-line direct to the authorities  > view
Infrared Sensor
Integrated thermopile infrared transducer and signal processing ccts.  > view
Fluorescent Lamp: Auto Detect & Optimal Operation
A method and apparatus for the detection of the fluorescent lamp type and the selection of optimal operating conditions.  > view
EMI & ESD Protection
The patents in this portfolio relate to technologies in electronic devices.  > view
Electronic All-Silicon Pressure Sensor & Assembly
MEMS integrated pressure sensor & ccts, plus low cost reliable stainless steel sensor assemblies  > view
Automatic Detection of Both THC and VOC in Waste Gas
A system to automatically detect waste gas.   > view
Automotive Engine Patents
Portfolio covers themostats, fuel filters, exhaust manifolds.  > view
Capacitive Gyroscope Patents
Portfolio of capacitive gyroscope patents from leading global MEMS authority  > view
Networking Technology
Message, Data & Storage Network Methods & Management  > view
Graphics Systems
Devices, Circuits, Software and Methods  > view
MEMS Technology
RF Switches & Sensors  > view
Storage Disk Drive
Hard Disk Systems (HDD)  > view
Network Data Transfer
Devices, Systems & Methods  > view
Printer Configuration, Control and Upgrade Techniques
This portfolio contains inventions related to a printers configuration options and capabilities, as well as customization features aimed at increasing printing efficiency.  > view
Display Technology
Methods, Materials, Circuits & Manufacturing  > view
Professional & Consumer Scanner and Printer Equipment
Including image sensing and processing.  > view