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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 202

Lithium-Ion Battery Portfolio
Portfolio of Patents Have Priority Dates back to 2000  > view
De-Icing Aircraft Wings and Wind Turbines
4 Families, 42 patent assets and 1 prototype related to De-icing Aerodynamic Structures  > view
Sampler and Concentrator for Aerosol Bio-detection Devices
Electrostatic sampler and concentrator for biological aerosols  > view
Device and methods for detecting the production of methamphetamine
Protect rental property investments by early warning sensing and alert of the production of methamphetamine - prevents contamination.  > view
Digital Rights Management
International Patent Portfolio Securing Digital Content on Smartphones and other Devices  > view
Vehicle Weight and Cargo Load Determination Using Tire Pressure
A simple, innovative, affordable and widely applicable on-board weigh scale system, through tire pressure differential. Any pneumatically wheeled vehicle could be equipped with ...  > view
Gene Sequencing Inventions
Techniques for Complex Genetic and Molecular Information Analysis  > view
Multi Chip Modules
Semiconductor Multi Chip Module (MCM / MCP) & System Package (SIP) devices and manufacturing  > view
Sewer - The Last Unmetered Utility
Innovative wastewater flow meter allows long term metering and billing for sewer utility services.  > view
Electronic Active Filters for Telecommunications
Active RC Electronic Biquad - Universal Self-Compensated Filters for IF-Radio Frequency Telecommunications  > view
Leak Current Detector and Breaker
A break-through technology to detect true leakage that solves the problems of traditional current leak detection technology.  > view
User Interface-Data Entry Patents for Mobile Handsets and other Electronic Devices
Enables rapid input of data into a handheld device with one hand.  > view
Active Impact Protection System for Mobile Devices
An impact protection system for portable devices which detects free-fall and extends impact-absorbing arms to protect the device from damage upon impact.  > view
EDA and Integrated Circuit Design
EDA design methods, simulation and test of integrated circuits.  > view
Digital convergence portfolio
Significant portfolio covering digital audio, video, hardware, imaging processing and electronic circuitry  > view
Patent portfolio covering mobile phone components
Portfolio covering antennas, EMI shielding, connectors  > view
Circuit Breaker Based on Leak Current Detection
This technology relates to a circuit breaker apparatus and method based on resistive leakage current detection.  > view
Fiscal Conversion of Film Thickness Statistical Index: Cpk
All industries that measure Film Thickness as a parameter may fiscally convert, benchmark and forecast its manufacturing performance and product quality by measuring ...  > view
Multi-Beam Patent Portfolio for Accurate High-Speed Placement and Overlay
Field-proven technologies for correcting critical dimension errors including uniformity and linearity errors arising from multiple sources with an emphasis on real-time computations during ...  > view
Manufacture Techniques for MEMS Structures
International patent portfolio covers manufacturing methods for various MEMS structures with broad range of applications.   > view