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Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 421

Electron Beam Lithography
Convert multiple optical beams to electron beams for the purpose of direct write using a photocathode.  > view
Manufacturing Automation Technology
Factory floor management system.  > view
GPON Technology
Key component for Fiber-to-the-Home   > view
Electron Beam Microcolumn Technology
Efficient and precise e-beam direct writing.  > view
Battery Circuitry and Backup Power
Battery circuits and system designs including back-up power and battery contact design  > view
Battery Circuitry and Backup Power Technologies
Enhancements of system designs not only for generic batteries but also for back-up power and battery contact designs.  > view
New Improved Design of HDMI Cables
This patent and innovation promises major performance improvement over current designs  > view
Display Technology
Methods, Materials, Circuits & Manufacturing  > view
MEMS & Micromirrors
Micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) display devices - Digital Micromirror Devices (DMD)  > view
Power Supply Backup Technologies
Power supply backup circuits, hardware, power cells, batteries  > view
High Throughput Defect Analysis Technology
Improve productivity of defect analysis using unique marking methods   > view
Linear Motor with Translational Motion
A linear motor with an integrated screw mechanism that switches rotational motion to translational motion using an electromagnetic force power device.  > view
Manufacture Techniques for MEMS Structures and Optical Waveguides
International patent portfolio covers manufacturing methods for various MEMS structures with broad range of applications.   > view
A Composite Oxide Thin Film
Produced by an electro-chemical reaction in water thermal conditions.  > view