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Patents & Technology Available

Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 422

Optical Switching Portfolio
Group of light-modulating switching patents for optical networks.  > view
Circuit Breaker Based on Leak Current Detection
This technology relates to a circuit breaker apparatus and method based on resistive leakage current detection.  > view
Semiconductor Fabrication Portfolio
Portfolio of semiconductor fabrication processes  > view
Semiconductor Wafer Immersion Cleaning
Technologies comprising complete immersive wafer cleaning systems and compelling new product line opportunity.  > view
Multi-Beam Patent Portfolio for Accurate High-Speed Placement and Overlay
Field-proven technologies for correcting critical dimension errors including uniformity and linearity errors arising from multiple sources with an emphasis on real-time computations during ...  > view
Manufacture Techniques for MEMS Structures
International patent portfolio covers manufacturing methods for various MEMS structures with broad range of applications.   > view
Optical Clocking For High-Speed Chips
Ultimate precision in microprocessor clocking.  > view
Photonics Signaling for Highspeed Chip Communication, Clocking and Synchronization
Highly innovative inventions to integrate optical signals in a chip with minimal disruption to current manufacturing process which will improve performance and reduce ...  > view
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Protection
Four granted U.S. patents - protecting a semiconductor device against ESD events.  > view
Heat Sink Technology
Eight granted U.S. patents  > view
Ink-Jet Printing Nozzle
Patented technique for manufacture of precise ink-jet printer nozzles  > view
Cup Stacked Type Carbon Nanotube
A carbon nanotube having graphene sheet cup stacked structure that is obtained by floating reactant chemical vapor synthesis process.   > view
An electrode material for an electric double layer capacitor
An electrode material for an electric double layer capacitor and an electric double layer capacitor using the electrode material  > view
Telecommunications Portfolio
Telecommunications patents relating to networks, pbx, video conferencing, and text-to-scene conversion  > view
Semiconductor Packaging
Fluid filling wafer level packaging cavities  > view
Reclaiming Wafer Substrates that have Defects and Contaminants
System and methodology for improving incoming and outgoing wafer inspection productivity in a wafer reclaim environment  > view
Electronics Packaging
ICs, Power Transistors, Sensors & Module packaging plus Circuit board enclosures  > view
Front Connectible Enclosure for Consumer Electronics
An enclosure having front accessible concealed cable connectors to house electronic equipment such as computers, amplifiers, switching systems, receivers, video monitors, televisions, etc.   > view
Printed Circuit Boards
The patents in this portfolio relate to printed circuit boards (PCBs).  > view