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LED Lighted Box
An LED lighted box.   > view
Simplified Illuminated Display Case using LED's and Refaction Panel
Display case design that allows manufacturers to use standard picture frame profiles or insert the base into an existing light box  > view
Life-Saving LED Safety System
This patent portfolio discloses an improved, LED based, life saving safety system for evacuations in case of emergency.  > view
LED Patent & Family of International Applications
US patent with international patent applications  > view
LED Light Bulb with Improved Illumination and Heat Dissipation
A new LED light bulb and patented technology capable of providing both up and down direct lights with a new cooling structure to ...  > view
Camera with LED flash
New technology for using LED for built in camera flash  > view
OLED Patent Portfolio
Stable long life luminescent polymers that can efficiently emit light at a low voltage   > view
Secondary Headlight System
In the event of a blown low-beam headlight, the mating high-beam bulb will illuminate at or near the same intensity of the low-beam.  > view
Photonics Signaling for Highspeed Chip Communication, Clocking and Synchronization
Highly innovative inventions to integrate optical signals in a chip with minimal disruption to current manufacturing process which will improve performance and reduce ...  > view
Fiber Optic Data Transmission Technology
High throughput system ideal for data and telecommunication applications.  > view
Fluorescent Lamp: Auto Detect & Optimal Operation
A method and apparatus for the detection of the fluorescent lamp type and the selection of optimal operating conditions.  > view
Ion Source
An ion source, ion beam sources and to closed drift hall ion thrusters.  > view
OLED working at low voltage
OLED using highly conductive fluorocarbon film.  > view
OLED With Rare-Earth Metal Containing Cathode
A transparent rare-earth metal containing electron-injecting electrodes for use with OLED device  > view
Red-Emitting OLED Devices
A new class of red-emitting luminescent materials for use in OLED devices.  > view
Soft-Switching Techniques for Power Inverter Legs
The technology relates to new soft-switching techniques for minimizing switching losses and stress in power inverter legs.  > view
Thin-film Type OLED
The technology provides a thin-film type OLED with pure saturated red emission and with a narrow emission band.  > view
High Frequency Electronic Ballasts for HID Lamps
The technology relates to an electronic ballast for a high intensity discharge lamp (HIDL) such as a metal halide lamp.  > view
Electronic Ballast - Dimmable
The technology relates to dimmable electronic ballasts for use with fluorescent lamps (FL).  > view
Universal Electronic Ballast
The technology relates to an electronic ballast capable of operating with a range of fluorescent lamps of different power ratings  > view