Industrial Electronics : Lighting

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Patents & Technology Available

Number of Technology Available listing in this topic: 157

AC and DC LED Technology Patents
This covers numerous AC and DC LED technology and product spaces, including LED fluorescent replacement tubes, screw base lamps, track lighting, downlights, and ...  > view
Methods and structures for improved spatial color uniformity in LEDs
The patented technology provides methods and structures for improving the spatial color uniformity in phosphor-converted LEDs  > view
Dual Screen OLED Display
Efficient dual screen OLED  > view
Triac-Based AC Dimmer suitable for LED modules
The Patent offers a solution to dimming the new generation of LED modules. The industry says the modules are "dimmable", street knowledge say ...  > view
Reliable and Simple Pin Safety Solution for LED-Tubes
This patented safety solution for LED tubes can avoid electric shocks during insertion into fluorescent lampholders, and can be operated without any problems ...  > view
Light collection and illumination systems employing planar waveguide
Fundamental patent for a new type of light-directing optical structures for the use in high-efficiency illumination systems, LCD displays, solar modules, and broad ...  > view
Lens-Array Waveguide Illumination Systems
Edge-lit waveguide that employs surface-distributed microstructures for extracting light from the waveguide and matching microlenses for collimating the extracted light into a directional ...  > view
Retroreflective Sheeting and Structures with Enhanced Conspicuity and Long-Range Visibility
Passive retroreflective structures that display dynamic visual effects in variable-brightness without using any power source.   > view
Automotive Headlight and LED Lighting Portfolio
This patent cover automotive lighting and general lighting  > view
AC LED Patent Portfolio
Enabling fundamental circuits for alternating current light emitting diode.  > view
Organic Light Emitting Device Display Technology
Organic light emitting device – the patented technology provides for a barrier to protect against environmental degradation.  > view
New and Unique Laser Pointer Apparatus
For customer use when pointing out a product of interest in a display case, so that the merchant can retrieve intended item immediately, ...  > view
LED Backlight and Lighting
LED backlight apparatus for LCD display can achieve higher brightness and uniformity. The LED lighting device has less energy consumption and capability of ...  > view
UL Approved, Field Tested & Patented LED Multi-Chip Array
Light engine & luminaire mass production technologies ready for mass production   > view
Organic Electroluminescence Device
Organic electroluminescence (EL) devices with high efficiency and narrow emission band  > view
LED Patents
Light emitting Diode - Chip technology   > view
Glow Home Decor
Renewable Energy  > view
Wind & Solar Powered media signs with e-Paper Displays
Sustainable outdoor digital media, highly visible, energy neutral or power positive, digital streetpole banners, VAWT windmills   > view
Illuminating Shell for Helmets
Lighting System for all types of helmets ranging from military, law enforcement and sports  > view
Three Patents for Luminescent Gels, Fibers, Inks and Moldable Resins
Luminescent polymers, fillers and pigments used for gel coatings, casting, fibers, fiberglass plastic (FRP) and inks.  > view